Can I Open Zelle Account In Nigeria?

Many people find this service appealing due to how simple and convenient it is for enrolled Zelle users to send money among themselves while using aliases. Nevertheless, this service is only offered in the United States of America. Be ready to learn how to circumvent this ban if you’re in Nigeria and wonder if there’s a way to do so. In the event that you lack the qualifications to register a Zelle account in Nigeria, we’d additionally provide alternatives.

Can I Open Zelle Account In Nigeria?

NO is the response to this query. If you are in Nigeria, you are unable to receive the requirements necessary to open and manage a Zelle account. One must have a checking, savings, or prepaid account with Wells Fargo Bank, a Wells Fargo Advisors Brokerage Cash Services account, or a Wells Fargo The Private Bank checking and savings account in order to qualify. Several banking institutions in the US also collaborate with Zelle.

A U.S. mobile phone number that would be used as an alias is another need for opening a Zelle account, in addition to bank accounts that must be based in the United States. Other alias choices include an email address and a Zelle tag. You may now understand why opening a Zelle account in Nigeria is not possible due to the restrictions we listed before.

If you must use a Zelle account while in Nigeria, there is a way around it. The only method to do this is to have a person in the US open the account on your behalf who satisfies the aforementioned qualifications. You should be able to trust this individual, and they should be able to trust you. You can be emailed the login information once the person has registered on Zelle. This is the only way to utilize Zelle in Nigeria, despite the fact that it’s not exactly an easy process.

What Zelle Substitutes Are Available In Nigeria?

You may need to think about a substitute you can use in Nigeria if you don’t have anyone in the U.S. who can assist you register a Zelle account or if you don’t trust a third party with your money. Payoneer is the recommended substitute. To open a Payoneer account in Nigeria, you would want identification from the government, such as an international password, proof of your residence address, and a local Nigerian bank account.

To register for a Payoneer account, adhere to these steps:

  • Go to and hit the “Register” button
  • Select the currency in which you want to open the currency, USD or GBP, and proceed to accurately provide the information required on the registration form
  • Next, confirm and activate your email by clicking on the link sent to your mailbox
  • At this point, you’ve successfully created a Payoneer account

Final Thought

You can easily send and receive money from the U.S  in Nigeria with a Payoneer account.

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