How to Obtain Autocheck Car Loan in Nigeria

Car loans and asset financing in Nigeria are dominated by Autocheck. It’s basically possible to acquire the vehicle of your choosing and receive it ahead without having to pay the entire amount. Your vehicle is purchased on your behalf by the corporation, which then permits you to make monthly payments over a specified period of time. In this post, we take a look at how you can obtain Autocheck Car loan in Nigeria.

In what way do Autocheck car loans actually work in practise?

As a result, autocheck auto loans allow clients to purchase a new vehicle without having to pay in full up front. Because the organisation provides so many different car options, you don’t have to worry about whether your favourite selection is actually available. However, if you can’t locate what you’re looking for, let the firm know and they’ll find it for you in no time. Read further on 10 Steps To Apply For Car Loan In Nigeria

Using this platform, you can acquire a comprehensive loan, suited to your individual circumstances. You may compare loans from several lenders in Africa, making sure you don’t miss out on the greatest deal.

To apply for Autocheck car loans, do I have to provide collateral?

If you are applying for an autocheck automobile loan, you do not need to put up any type of collateral. Your salary must allow you to pay for the car over the loan term. So, earning N100, 000 per month but buying a car worth N7, 000,000 is definitely out of bounds, right?

Does it make sense for me to apply for more than one autocheck vehicle loan?

The answer to that question is yes. Your income must, however, be sufficient to cover both loan criteria. Because of this, several auto loan applications are likely to be rejected if you have a low or moderate income.

How can I apply for a car loan with autocheck?

Follow the steps below to acquire autocheck automobile loans:

  • Shorten the form and you’ll receive a list of suitable cars to choose from
  • You can choose a car of your choice and analyse the financial terms associated with it.
  • Utilize AutoCheck to obtain a car loan and receive customised offers
  • Consider taking out a loan so you may drive your dream vehicle home.

When it comes to Autocheck auto loans, what is the minimal equity contribution?

As part of the Autocheck car loan terms and conditions, the minimum equity commitment is stated forth. This figure is currently at 30%. To qualify for autocheck car loans, you must provide at least 30 percent of the entire cost of the vehicle. A loan cannot be obtained without this 30 percent equity payment. Read more on How To Get A Customized Car Plate Number In Nigeria

What are the advantages of using autocheck car loans?

All autocheck vehicle loans products come with insurance, annual maintenance, and registration to make the transaction hassle-free and convenient for customers. Autocheck centres around you offer these services. In addition, they would assign you a service advisor for the duration of the loan. It’s this advisor’s job to make sure your car gets regular maintenance checkups.


When it comes to automobile loans in Nigeria, autocheck loans are a popular choice. As long as you meet the financial requirements, the loan process is simple and quick.

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