The Different Resignation In Npower Program

The term resignation is the act of quitting a job duty or obligations. It usually comes into play because of decision made by the individual, or the employer.

Talking about Npower resignation, it is when a volunteer of the program quits the program because of one reason or the other that is best known to the parties involve (i.e. the beneficiary or the Npower Management).

Types of resignation in the Npower program

There are basically two (2) types of resignation when it comes to the Npower program, these includes;

i. Voluntary Resignation.

ii. Forceful Resignation.

The Voluntary Resignation

This is a situation in which a volunteer of the Npower program willingly decides to quit the program due to the fact that he/she has gotten a better engagement/source of livelihood. In most cases, beneficiaries opt for this form of resignation because they chose not to create a bad record for themselves.

Aside from having a better job offer, most volunteers can decide to resign voluntarily because they are travelling out of the country to source for greener pasture, or for educational purpose.

Methods of Resigning Voluntarily

The ways one can resign voluntarily are;
a. Presenting a resignation letter to the State Focal Person, which through him/her it will get to the Npower Management team.

b. Filling a resignation form online via the Npower volunteers portal.

c. Requesting for resignation through the Npower support team or the Nasim self service platform.

The Forceful Resignation

This is a situation by which a volunteer of the Npower program is forcefully disengaged from the program due to incompliance of some stipulated rules/guidelines. Some rules that can lead to such form of resignation are;

a. Absconding from Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

b. Working somewhere else and still claim all benefits coming from the Npower scheme.

For a volunteer to escape this form of resignation/disengagement, such a person should always report to PPA as instructed, turn up for clearance regularly, and work smartly.

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