Documents for NYSC: How to safeguard NYSC documents

Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) want to know the best way they can safeguard their National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) documents. In this article, you will learn how to protect documents for NYSC.

Although, some people have wrong perspectives on the best ways to keep the documents. After reading this post, you will know the right thing to do.

What is the NYSC documents?

NYSC documents are mainly papers that qualify you to take part in the NYSC programme.

List of NYSC documents

Below are list of NYSC documents;

  1. Statement of results;
  2. Call-up letter;
  3. School identity card;
  4. Green Card;
  5. Medical certificate, and so on.

Now, let’s look at the best ways to protect them.

How To Protect Your NYSC Documents

1. Keep your documents away from public

You might think that no body needs your documents until it’s being stolen by your village people from where you kept it.

Also, someone who wants to serve but does not qualify can see an opportunity to impersonate you by using your documents at the NYSC camp.

2. DO NOT fold

Please, do not fold any of your documents, the best way to keep your them is to buy a waterproof transparent folder; if you don’t already have one, then arrange your documents and pack them in the folder.

3. DO NOT laminate

This would be the dumbest thing to do as a graduate.

Some people laminate their documents because they believe that by lamination, their documents will be protected, especially from getting damaged by fluid or dirt and also gives it the quality of durability.

This can be true! But it has also been proven that laminating documents can cause permanent damage to your documents.

Here are some reasons you should never laminate your documents

  • Overheating can damage it: The laminating machines can get overheated and damage your documents if not handle with proper care or if it is faulty.
  • It flattens security seal or emblem: Some important documents have that security seals, and this get flattened out after it is laminated.
  • Difficult to make duplicates: It may be difficult to get quality photocopies from a laminated document due to its reflective polythene texture.
  • Finally, NYSC doesn’t want you to laminate your documents: If you laminate documents like Call-up letter or Green Card, they will reject it.

4. Do not give your documents to anyone to hold for you, especially while in NYSC Camp

You something might come up, and need someone to hold your documents while your sort it out.

My advice to is avoid such scenario as much as you can. Always find a way to keep your documents to yourself.

But if you must give it to anyone to hold for you, let it be someone you know and trusted.

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