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What Next After NYSC Camp? What you must do after camp

After NYSC Orientation Camp what next?

This post will guide you on 4 basic things you need to do after NYSC Orientation Camp is over.

Please, make sure you collect your Place of Primary Assigned (PPA) posting letter from your platoon officer before leaving camp.

Your PPA posting letter will tell you where you’ve been posted to carry out the National assignment. You can also print your PPA posting letter online in case you did not collect it in camp. Also, if you applied for relocation while in camp, you can check your relocation status online.

On 21st day in camp (day to leave camp), you will see some corps members traveling back homes, please don’t join them to travel. Some of them secured relocation that is the only reasonable reason they are traveling.

For you that did not get relocation, DO NOT travel after NYSC camp. Read this post to the end.

After NYSC camp what next?

Below are steps to follow after NYSC Orientation Camp;

1. Collect Your Posting Letter

Please, make sure you collect your posting letter from your platoon officer before leaving NYSC orientation camp. The posting letter will be needed at your Place of Primary Assignment.

2. Report to your PPA

After collecting your posting letter from your platoon officer, check the adress of your PPA and report there. Don’t be in a rush, look around to check if your PPA send vehicle to carry convey you. If you don’t like your PPA, see how to change NYSC PPA.

Note: Your PPA will provide accommodation for your, but you can lodge in Corpers’ lodge for the main time. There used to be Corpers’ lodge in every Local Govt council.

However, if you don’t meet up to report in your PPA, you can lodge in Corpers’ lodge, and report the following day in the morning.

When you take your posting letter to your PPA, they will either accept or reject you. Make one photocopy of your posting letter before taking it to your PPA.

Example; If your PPA is a secondary school, the principal of the school will stamp the detachable part of your posting letter, and then write either “Accepted” or “Rejected”.

Whether you are accepted or rejected, remember to take the detachable form to your LGI’s office for documentation.

3. Report to your LGI Office

When you report to your LGI, submit the Accept or Reject slip/letter signed by your PPA.

Note: If you are rejected in your PPA, DO NOT proceed to the step 4 until you get another PPA. In most cases your LGI or Zonal Inspector will repost you to another PPA.

4. Enjoy your 2-week leave

After you have completed steps 3, the next is to enjoy your 2-week leave. You can use your leave as an opportunity to travel home and meet your people.

But before you travel, you need to write and submit a leave application letter to the NYSC state Coordinator through your LGI. See how to write NYSC leave letter.

The above is what next after NYSC orientation camp, if you have question, go the comment section below.

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  1. Godiya Mbaya


    I wasn’t issued any posting letter in camp so how do i go about reporting at my PPA?

  2. Aminat farouk


    I filled the relocation form based on nursing mother but I do not put in any marriage documents and my relocation is yet to be approved. What am seeing on my dashboard is that I should upload the marriage document before the relocation could be approve and I do not have what do u think I can do?

    • Upload the documents NYSC asked you to upload. If you don’t have those documents, forget about relocation.

  3. Faith


    Please if u are married and relocated in terms of married what is your next move.

  4. Victor


    plz, any one with a link to any company in POrtharcourt dat accepts corp members?

  5. Funmilayo


    If u are posted to you PPA are u going to be interview, what and what are the likely questions

    • Humphery


      They are not allowed to interview Corpers. Just show them your posting papers

      • Funmilayo


        Oh! Okay. Even if is school at least to knw wot u can teach.

    • george


      I’ve done all the steps above but left to enjoy my 2weeks leave and only to discover that something on my dashboard. Lga clearance status is shown absent.
      Please advise.

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