How To Survive In NYSC Orientation Camp

This article is prepared to teach you basic tips on how to survive in the NYSC orientation camp. I believe they will help you as you start preparing for the Orientation camp exercise.

NYSC orientation camp could be one of the best experiences you would have in life or the worst experience, but with the tips I am going to give you, it’ll be a sure-bet for wonderful experience.

NYSC orientation camp exercise only last for 21 days, and you can fully enjoy it if you choose to. As for me, I enjoyed every bit of the experience I had in camp then. So, I will give you a few tips on how to enjoy your stay on camp.

Tips to survive in the NYSC Orientation Camb


1. Registeration

As soon as you get to the NYSC camp, make sure you register immediately. Some camps will give you an accommodation before registering while some will give you an accommodation after you have registered – whichever way, register on time. Once you are done with the physical registration, you will be given NYSC kits, which include 7/7 (khaki, crested vest, a cap, a belt, a pair of jungle boot, a white snikers), two white round neck t-shirt, and two white shorts.

Note: It is very likely that you would be given sizes that won’t fit you. What you need to do is to either look for someone to exchange with or go to ‘mammy’ market to adjust them in preparation for your swearing in ceremony. Make sure the mammy marketers don’t bill you high, because if you are not careful they might charge you up N2,000 only for slim fit.

I slimfitted my trouser for N500 then but they collected N1,500 from a friend to adjust his khaki.

Just get prepared! That’s part of the little expenses you will make while on camp.

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2. Bed Space

Once you have been allocated your bed space, try to clean the place and put your bed sheet on it. Relax for a while and then get up to start enjoying the camp.

3. Photographers

You will get to meet the photographers on camp who will want to make you a customer. Sincerely, you need to take pictures of this memorable time. Try to link up with one of them and strike a deal. He/She will give you a tag to identify you. All through the camp, without you knowing, the photographer (and his/her team) you signed up with will be taking your pictures anytime they sight you with their tag anywhere on camp. Don’t be shocked to see a picture of you doing some funny things. You will surely be captured by them anytime anywhere.

4. Swearing in ceremony

What you will meet in camp will be preparations towards the swearing in ceremony. Get involved in the parade and some other things that would be done on camp at this early stage. If you can play drums, blow trumpet etc, you also have an opportunity to join the band group.

5. OBS (Orientation Broadcasting Service)

There is a group on camp which is called OBS. This is one of the best experiences you might have if you join them. Though, the competition to join them is usually so high to the extent that you might be given some test to write if you show interest in joining them. At least, they want to pick the best from you guys. This is not for everyone but if you have great interest in broadcasting then this is for you.

6. SAED (Skills Acquisition & Entrepreneurial Development)

There will be several lecture sessions on camp. Please, make sure you attend them. You will greatly benefit from them. SAED is one of them. Take it seriously too.

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7. Man O’ War Drills

Man O’ War drills will also be part of the experience. Make sure you participate. It is great fun. It is also compulsory for you to participate. You will have opportunity to train your body. I learnt real life experience of what those trainings stand for. Don’t worry, they will explain what each of the drill means to you.

8. Marshal Arts

Hmm, the Marshal Arts guys. Those ones can shout for Africa. They will be doing all these Taekwando things. You can join them if you like them too. But for me, I ran away “sharperly”.

9. Other activities

There will be several activities on camp. Some of them include football competition, drama and dance competition, debate competition, Mr Macho and Miss NYSC, Athletics, carnival, etc Participate as much as you can.

10. Religion

You will have the opportunity to go to Mosque on Fridays and Church on Sundays. I will encourage you to worship God very well in camp. It is an experience to have.

11. Mammy market

Mammy market is an experience you will never forget so soon. That’s where everything rocks. You will get everything you want there. Pleasure, enjoyment and entertainment is guaranteed at the mammy market. But make sure you don’t waste your life there. Get more focused on the reasons why you are in camp. I used to go there to eat and sometimes watch football. Just maximise your time there.

12. Soldiers

Soldiers are very friendly only if you obey the camp rules. I can remember the time I met the Camp Commandant in mofty. He asked me to go back to my hostel because I was putting on bathroom slippers. And bathroom slippers are only allowed few perimeters from your hostel. Don’t mind him please, will I put on my jungle boot when I wanted to fetch water? But rules are rules and they must be followed. So, don’t be too fearful of them but make sure you respect them. Ladies! Beware of soldiers ooo. I don talk my own.

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13. Medical Doctors

PCMs who are medical doctors will probably enjoy the most. They will participate less in most of the activities on camp. They will be in camp clinic most of the time. Sometimes, they do nothing there than to sleep. If you are a medical doctor, please maximise your time on camp.

14. Early Morning Parade

Every morning, there will be general devotions, morning meditation tips, and announcements. After which there will be Man O’ war drills and parade (soldiers will lead this). I still remember those moment especially our late platoon commander. He died shortly after the orientation camp. He will shout like something else. He likes me when I lead the parade. May his gentle soul rest in peace.

15. Camp thieves

One of the reasons why you have your waist pouch is to keep your valuable items like phones, wallet, purse etc. Please, guide it jealously. Make sure you are always putting it on. There will be thieves among you. In our time, two phones were stolen in my hostel. Mine would have been the third but God saved it.

Wow! I have written over 1,000 words just now! Let me pause immediately. We will continue from here later on.

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