Don’t Waste your Time Studying these 5 Courses – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, a former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, has released five (5) courses that no one should waste his time studying in a tertiary institution. According to Omokri, it is better one spends a year or less to learn skills that are high in demand than to spend four years studying those courses. Check out fastest ways to get a job in Nigeria.

Reno Omokri

The truth is that we are in the era where some courses are either obsolete or about to because of low demand or applicability.

Reno Omokri explained that instead of spending your time studying any of these courses below, it is advisable to learn skills such as Coding, Nursing, Forex trading, laboratory technology, and so on.

Amongst the courses listed are; Philosophy, Sociology, Linguistics, Religious studies and Public Administration.

Below is what Omokri wrote:

“In this day and age, the 4 years you spend to read
* Philosophy
* Sociology
* Linguistics
* Religious studies
* Public admin
is better spent learning high demand skills like coding, nursing, lab tech, forex trading, etc, in one year, or even less.

I think this is good advice to any Nigerian who is seeking for admission to study in higher institutions.

The course you studied matters a lot. Don’t just go to school to become a graduate, go for NYSC and become unemployed.

Aside from the courses mentioned above, I think there are other courses that are obsolete. However, it is your duty to make research before picking any course.

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What do you think about Omokri’s view? You can share your thoughts in the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Waste your Time Studying these 5 Courses – Reno Omokri”

  1. pls let tell us the actual time of reopening of orientation camp pls we tired pls and pls. you are trying to tarnish our future, the time wouldn’t wait for us pls nysc bord.

  2. As if you are d one giving people admission, u think they don’t want to study a good course but schools change their choice course…. And infact u are wrong.. they are people hu study good courses and end up jobless fr long whilst on d other hand people study from among discipline u mentioned and get good jobs . It’s all grace and connection.


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