Full List of Dstv Packages & Prices

The DSTV satellite is Nigeria’s largest satellite. DSTV offers a variety of packages and plans to choose from, and many Nigerian families prefer it because of its vast signal coverage. It is also Africa’s largest cable television system. Prepaid television offers packages ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive, depending on what an individual can afford. Prepaid television has plans to suit everyone’s needs. This article will show you full list od Dstv packages and their prices.

Sports are one of the interesting elements of Dstv, which is owned by South Africans and administered by Multi Choice. Multi choice provides a compact plus package for sports fans, and it is known as the most affordable satellite series.

1. Dstv Padi Package

N1, 850/month or NGN 20,350/year

This package may not provide the most fun experience, but it does have history channels, as well as crime and investigation and Rok, but it primarily consists of news and entertainment channels and costs N1, 850 per month or NGN 20,350 for a yearly subscription.

This package is for you if entertainment isn’t your thing and you’re more interested in news.

2, Dstv Yanga Package

NGN 2,565/month or NGN 28,215/year

It’s the DStv family’s entry-level bundle, designed to provide you more options and better value for your money. This package provides a lot of enjoyment for a low price.

Big things, as they say, come in little packages, and this is true when it comes to this package, as it provides viewers with a more engaging experience.

It comes with 95 channels and is less expensive than the DStv premium, Dstv compact plus, DStv Compact, and DStv Confam packages. It costs NGN 2,565 per month or NGN 28,215 per year to subscribe, and having such fun for a token is a stroll in the park. Find out New Prices of Vehicle Registration in Nigeria 2021

3. Dstv Confam Package

N4, 615/month or NGN 50,765/year

It provides a wide range of entertainment for a low monthly fee. It was created with both small and large families in mind. Universal channel, Sony, Max, Africa Magic, Movies, and others are among the channels available.

With 112 intriguing channels to choose from and no shortage of shows to watch, this bundle is ideal for some family bonding time at home. Family time will be made all the more enjoyable with a selection built just for family viewing enjoyment.

4. Dstv Compact Package

It provides access to a wide range of programmes and hours, and while it lacks the additional channels seen in the premium and compact plus packages, it still provides the same level of entertainment.

It covers a wide range of topics, including sports, local cinema, children’s entertainment, and so on. It costs NGN 7,900 per month or NGN 76,725 per year to subscribe and has 170 channels.

5. Compact Plus Package

N12, 400/month or NGN 120,175/year

It achieves the ideal balance of terrific enjoyment and amazing value. It provides all of the football, as well as local entertainment and much more, for your viewing pleasure. List of Dstv Packages & Prices. After premium, this is the second most costly option, costing N12, 400 per month or NGN 120,175 per year.

6. Dstv Premium Package

N18, 400/month or NGN 178, 200/year

It has the largest selection of on-screen entertainment in Africa, with 187 channels to satisfy your entertainment needs. It provides viewers with live sports coverage, breaking news, award-winning documentaries, nonstop movie series, and a high-quality package that provides all-around enjoyment. It brings together the best content from around the world for a truly premium viewing experience.

DStv premium is both the most expensive and the most comprehensive of the other subscriptions. It is well worth the money because it comes with a plethora of channels with intriguing material.

Source: Nyscinfo

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