7 Easiest Ways To Make Money On Facebook

According to statistics, Facebook has over one billion users all over the world. With its huge numbers of users, facebook is a perfect platform to earn huge amount of money, if you have the right information. At the end of this article, you will learn how to easiest ways to make money from Facebook.

FacebookMany users of Facebook are either not aware of this possibility or they are aware but don’t know how to tap from it. Therefore, if you are a Facebook user and you want to start making money with your Facebook account but do not know how to go about it, this article was written to guide you on how to easily make money with Facebook anywhere in the world. Also check how I made N2million from WhatsApp within six months.


How to make money on Facebook

Below are the easiest ways through which you can make money on Facebook:

1. Referral links

Referral is one of the most effective online service that you can use to advertise businesses. Many companies in Nigeria knew about this, which is why they often act smart by having referral programs. Example of such companies is Piggyvest. It offers N1,000 reward for each person you refer. This means that the 20 of your Facebook friends sign up through your link a day, you are N20,000 richer. That’s cool, right?

2. Create a Facebook group or Page in your niche

Niche has to do with your area of interest or passion i.e football, fashion, gossip, health, news, etc. Just identify a niche that you are very good at to make money on Facebook. Thereafter, start sharing contents to get more followers. Facebook pages supposedly have a low organic reach and people will likely forget about you if you are not consistent. So, you must have a pre-written pool of contents. When you have large followers, advertisers will start approaching you to place adverts on your group/page. You can also use the platform to drive traffic to your YouTube channel or blog which also give you money.

3. Become facebook influencer

An influencer is someone who makes others take actions because of the influence his words have on the behaviour of others. To become one, all you need do is to open a Facebook account, have a good deal of engagements on your posts by creating exciting posts that can easily relate with. If you are a Facebook influencer with a good fan base, individuals and companies will reach out to you for business promotions.

4. Selling of account

Yes! You can sell your old Facebook page or group. It sounds strange, right? You can simply create a Facebook page and build followers, and then sell it off when it has a huge following. Marketers and brands buy Facebook accounts for their promotional purpose as Facebook gives more weightage to an old account.

5. Running a facebook group

Running a Facebook group is a proven way to make good money for yourself. Create a Facebook group, and ensure that you get at least 5k members and good engagement in conversation around a niche. You can earn money on Facebook through paid surveys, sponsored content, selling your own product/book/services, and of course affiliate marketing.

6. Social media manager

Managing a social media account can fetch you a lot of money. If you are good in creating fantastic marketing contents, mixed with comics, you could be hired by big companies to manage the accounts. Your responsibilities are posting content on the Facebook page, scheduling posts, designing graphics for content, responding to comments of the followers and keeping them engaged, and building the size audience amongst others.

7. Selling of product/services

If you have products and services to sell, Facebook marketplace is your best plug. It is a free-for-all feature where you can buy, sell, or trade almost anything in your local area.

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