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How to Register for Ecobank Internet Banking: Ecobank Nigeria distinguishes as one among the best and enticing banking institutions in Nigeria and the whole of Africa. Having been established in 1986 with Lagos being its head office, the bank has continued to provide updated products to its customers. Some of these products include savings, loans, investments, etc. Also check how to become First Bank FirstMonie Agent.

Apart from its operations in Nigeria and some African countries, Ecobank extends its services beyond the shores of an African continent with branches in China, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, France, etc.

The bank has over 10, 000 staff, over 1, 000 branches, and 32 offices in other countries. In 2011, the bank expanded its business by purchasing the defunct Oceanic Bank’s 100% shareholding.

Ecobank online and internet banking

Ecobank internet and online banking has helped save a lot of its customers and businesses from stress. This came on the backdrop of the online banking mechanism it put in place for 24/7 banking operations that limits customers’ visits to the bank.

What are the services provided by Ecobank internet banking?

  • Transfer of money from and to Ecobank account.
  • Cheque books and stopping of Cheques requests.
  • Checking of balance, confirmation and statements of account.
  • Fixed deposit and international transactions.
  • Setting up of standing orders details.
  • Verification of Ecobank’s contact information.

How can I register for Ecobank online/internet banking?

Foremost, you must have your internet login information handy. These are your special login ID and password. To begin registration, you need to fill the internet banking form, otherwise called e-product. Kindly note that this is not for existing customers, as their online banking is automatically activated by the bank.

To get your special ID and password, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Log on to and download the e-product form.

  2. Pick your country in the drop down (Nigeria, for example)

  3. Pick what you want to do on the platform (activate an Ecobank product).

  4. Hit it off on internet banking.

  5. Choose your state and put in your account number.

  6. Submit the form at any Ecobank close to you.

  7. You login information when be sent to you once it is ready.

  8. Once you have it, visit and login.

  9. Input the special sent to your mail earlier.

How can I change my password?

You can do that by following these few steps:

  • Visit
  • Choose “forget password”.
  • Fill in your ID.
  • Answer the few security questions.
  • You will receive conformation of successful password reset.

However, should you want to get your login information at the office, you can go to any branch close to you.

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