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Western Union Tracking: Trailing your Western Union money is not as difficult as you might think. This is because anytime you transfer money through Western Union, a receipt containing your unique tracking 10-digit number called ‘MTCN’ will be given to you by Western Union. All transfers made through Western Union always have this number assigned to them. Check also how to track a phone number in Nigeria for free.

The world-wide company provides you with what you need to follow and knows the status of your money via the MTCN. Before we discuss how you can track your money, let’s first familiarize you with Western Union.

What is Western Union?

Western Union (WU) is owned by American Financial Service and Communication Company. This company has been operating for 165 years as an avenue by which people send money around the world. You can send money through Western Union to nearly 200 countries in 130 currencies and over 550, 000 agents places, as well as 150, 000 ATMs.

How can I track my money online?

If you want to track your Western Union money online, the steps below are your guide:

  1. Visit the Western Union webpage on

  2. Fill in all the required information on the fields provide in the online form.

  3. Hit on the “Track Transfer” button. This will display the information you want to have about your money.

How to track money without the MTCN number

On the “Track Transfer” menu, choose “Don’t know the MTCN”. This will bring out a different “Track a Transfer” menu and you will choose either of these:

  • Tracking with a mobile number
  • Tracking with a name

Each of these provides fields you can input your information.

To track with phone you need:

  • Sender’s mobile number
  • Receiver’s country
  • Amount sent or to receive

To track with a name you need:

  • Sender’s first and last name
  • Receiver’s first and last name
  • Receiver’s country
  • Amount sent or to receive

For better results, you will need to include the date of the transfer in the fields provided at the base of the “Track a Transfer” menu.

What are the things I cannot track on Western Union?

  • Money orders
  • Prepaid cards
  • Gifts cards
  • Online foreign exchange payments


We advise you to ensure that all the required details that will help you start a successful tracking of your money be made available before you start tracking your money.

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