eNaira Scam Alert —Beware of Cybercriminals

The officially digital currency eNaira which was launched earlier this week has received some treat which prompted this post ‘eNaira Scam Alert’.

Luckily to the users of eNaira, the information got to National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) about the strategy used by these scammers.

The group of cybercriminals deployed means to defraud users of eNaira through a silly scheme.

The perpetrated scheme claim that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is disbursing fifty billion (N50,000,000,000) worth of eNaira to those who will download the eNaira wallet.

From the broadcast message being sent to various users, they claimed the instruction is based on the directives of the Federation’s Minister of finance.

The truth is that those behind the scheme are trying to obtain vital information about their prey/victim through the link attached to the message.

Those who will end up clicking on the link will succeed in giving to the criminals their NIN details, phone number, etc.

As a result of this, NITDA-CERRT is using this medium to caution the general public, and also expect them to;

  • Ensure you visit the official portal of Government agencies to confirm any scheme bearing a government identity.
  • Almost all government schemes are free to apply for. Never make payment to anyone for a government opening.
  • Always watch out for fake websites, ads, and SMS with links to click and also offering free grant.
  • In no situation should you disclose your financial details or personal information online, unless on official case.
  • Ensure you stop clicking on links that aren’t familiar (Unknown links).

For further enquiry regarding fake platforms/links and also relating to the eNaira Scam Alert, contact NITDA-CERRT through;




Source: Nyscinfo

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