Fate Foundation Emerging Entrepreneurs Program, Apply

The 2021 Fate Foundation Emerging Entrepreneurs Programme offers a perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs to re-invent their business. This article will show you all you need to know about the Emerging Entrepreneurs Programme.

With the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot has changed in the world business scene, leading to worries in all places. The business owners have been forced back to review, reflect and refocus themselves and rearrange their businesses with the new normal. The Emerging Entrepreneurs Programme offers a 12-week online training specifically drafted to empower business proprietors with necessary expertise and important tools that can be deployed instantly as they manage their businesses through these difficult times.

The programme will provide a holistic set of courses that will solve all the major challenges in growing a business during difficult times, and it involves major functional areas that bring about growth within the Small and Medium Enterprises.

Eligibility Criteria

To ensure that the Emerging Entrepreneurs Programme candidates can apply the knowledge gained from the Fate Foundation Emerging Entrepreneurs programme and can bring value to their unit, the selection process is taken seriously.

The following shall be the selection criteria which is based on eligibility:

  • You must be actively involved in managing your business for a minimum of 5 years
  • Your full income must be from the businesses
  • You must lead a team of 5 to 100 people.

Application Process

To have the opportunity to be considered for participation in this programme, you must apply directly on Fate Foundation’s official website. All interested applicants can follow the steps below to submit their applications:

  • Visit the Fate Foundation website at www.yabi.formstack.com/forms/eep_application
  • Download the Emerging Entrepreneurs Programme application form
  • Complete the application form with all needed information and submit
  • Upon submission of the form, check your email box for a reply and further communications

For more inquiry email eep@fatefoundation.org or call +2348131878271.

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