Free Your Phone’s Memory Without Removing Apps

It’s never fun to get an annoying notification reminding you you need to clear up some space on your phone before you can download or receive new files. When this happens, you must usually go to your file manager to delete songs, movies, apps, and other items; otherwise, you will be unable to receive new files. This article will teach you how to free your phone’s memory without removing apps.

What if the documents on your phone are vital and you don’t want them to be lost? This is, after all, the purpose of this paper. There are ways to manipulate the situation without deleting existing files. Here’s how to go about it. Find out How to Expand Memory Card from 4GB to 128GB

Foremost, let me tell you about two items that take up the most space on your phone.

  • Videos
  • Applications

We’ll concentrate on apps because some people don’t have videos on their phones but do have apps. In case you didn’t aware, certain programmes take up more space than videos. Let’s say you download an app for the first time and its 17Mb, then after a while you start using it and its 200Mb. Two components that contribute to this;

  • Application Data
  • Application Caches

Application Data

Application data refers to whatever data you’ve saved on the app, such as your password, username, profile picture, and so on.

Application Caches

You should concentrate on the caches if you want to free up memory on your phone removing nothing. What exactly is a Cashe? Checkout How to Know Fake Apps on Google Play Store

The focus here is on definition number two. Any data you enter the programme will be kept as Caches. This data is only available for a limited time and may not be relevant to you. They just exist to eat up your phone’s memory. It’s only a matter of clearing the caches.

Follow the procedures below to do this.

  1. On your phone, go to “Settings.”
  2. Toggle the application’s settings.
  3. To clean the caches for an app, scroll to it and press to launch it.
  4. Select storage from the drop-down menu.

For example, before I emptied the cache on this app, it was 31MB. This implies that removing no files from my phone, I could reclaim 31MB because of this exercise.

It becomes 0mb after clearing it.

To free up additional space, do this with all of your commonly used programmes to free your Phone’s memory .

Note: Do not delete Data; I will explain why. If you delete data from an app, such as WhatsApp, all of your information will be gone. You’ll have to start over if you try to log in again, so don’t clear Data.

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