How to Expand Memory Card from 4GB to 128GB

A lot of times, many people have issues with their memory cards’ space, especially the ones that do not have enough memory size. If you are using a 4GB memory card, for instance, it can be upgraded to 128GB with no issues. Yes, 128GB. If you are asking how, don’t worry because in this article, we will show you how to expand memory card from 4GB to 128GB. It’s really simple and convenient.

How to Expand Memory Card from 4GB to 128GB


  1. Purchase an Android smart phone with a good version, preferably version 5 or 6. Make sure it’s fully charged, with a percentage of over 50.
  2. Place the 4GB memory card into the Android phone and power it on. Check the storage to check whether it’s there; it should display 3.64GB. Read How to Sign a Document with your Phone in 5 Steps
  3. This software may be downloaded from the Google Play Store. ES explorer is a programme that allows you to discover new things. When the app has been installed, open it.
  4. Open the SD card in internal storage.
  5. Then, after accessing the SD card and seeing the phone memory, go to andriod data and create a new folder called “det file” and save it. Then access this folder by typing ‘ES noteditor’ into the search box. You should now see a blank page. After this blank page, just write ‘Make it huge’ on this page.
  6. Now you have to figure out how many MB are in 128GB.
  7. 128GB=128×1024=131072MB
  8. Now go to the page where you wrote “make it huge” and click on it. Save it with the text ‘Make it huge 131072MB’. After that, you must restart your phone.
  9. Finally, you’ll see the information of your 124.97GB SD card in your file manager.

This easy technique will allow you to expand your memory card without having to spend money on a new one. Need a loan? Read Nwcredit Loan App: How to Get Newcredit Loan 2021


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