How To Get Local/State Govt Certificate of Origin

Certificate of Origin is an important document in Nigeria that certifies that an individual was born in a particular State/Local Government Area. It’s being required on different occasions in Nigeria, especially for admission into school, because some universities charge non-indigenes more than half of the cost charged to state residents. Also check how to get domicile letter.

There are many people who do not know how to get this document. Many higher Institutions’ admissions seekers learn about it for the first time when applying to universities, polytechnics, or schools that require Certificate of origin for registration. This article will explain how to get Local or State Government Certificates of Origin.

Where State or Local Govt Certificates of Origin Are Needed

Below are the places you could be asked to provide Local/State Govt Certificates of Origin:

  • For Admission Screening

Especially by universities that simply perform admission screening rather than post-UTME. Those that conduct post-UTME tests will want it for documentation after you have been given admission.

  • Job/Career Pursuit

After graduation, you look for work. When applying for positions, you will be required to attach your local government identity.

  • Bursary Collection Requirement

When a state provides bursaries to its people attending higher education institutions, a state identification certificate is necessary for clearance.

  • Contestants for political office

Candidates of political offices will be obliged to show their state citizenships for verification and proof, whether now or in the future.

How to Get Local/State Govt Certificates of Origin

  1. Pay a visit to the secretariat of your local government.
  2. The in-charge department is connected to the local government chairman’s or secretary’s office.
  3. Prepare for a processing and issuing charge of around N5,000. In Nigeria, a few local governments currently charge less than that. It’s possible that you’ll need to confirm the current pricing with your neighbours.
  4. Consider sending a proxy to validate the pricing and processes if you don’t live in the local government area right now. Check to see if it’s workable to gather it using a proxy. Most our local governments issue it on your behalf to someone else.
  5. When applying for it, you’ll require around two passport photos.
  6. If you’re not in town right now, a proxy can help you get your message through.

For instance, Local/State Govt certificates of origin applications in Kwara State are now submitted online. Applicants can pay for their state identity online through a dedicated webpage. Then, for collection, go to the local government secretariat. Applicants’ costs may be the same online as they are offline, but they may spend more time offline before being granted. In most northern states, getting your local government identity won’t cost you more than N2,000, for example.

Source: Nyscinfo

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  1. I need to know how much Igbo etiti Enugu state local government identification letter will cost and how I can get it since am very far from there

    • Hi Chioma, you can visit your State’s liaison office in your current state of residence to collect it. For instance, if you currently live in Abuja or Lagos, you can visit the Enugu state liaison offices there.


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