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Many people do not know the full meaning of AK 47. It is not a surprise to how a good number of people get accustomed to using some words or acronyms that they do not know their meaning.

Many English words and terminologies exist which we use daily but do not know their meaning.

An example of such words or terminologies is the well-known gun called AK-47.

Meaning of AK 47
AK-47 Rifles

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Here we will expound the history and meaning of AK 47 – the popular gun in this article as you read on.

AK-47 is a gas-operated 7.62x39mm assault rifle originated in Russia. It was developed by a man known as Mikhail Kalashnikov in the Soviet Union.

While recovering from the shoulder wound received during the battle of Bryansk, Mikhail Kalashnikov, who was a Russian soldier began his career as a weapon designer 1941.

Mikhail Kalashnikov gave the reason he designed a machine gun. He stated that a soldier asked him why his colleagues used inferior guns with just one for two or three soldiers while the Germans operate with automatic. “While I was in the hospital a soldier asked me, ‘why do our men have only one riffle for two or three of men, when the Germans use machine gun? Mikhail Kalashnikov stated that he was a soldier and invented a machine gun for a soldier..”I was a soldier and made a machine gun for a soldier.”

AK-47 was called “Avtomat Kalashnikova”. The Russian word for Avtomat means Automatic. Therefore, the word AK-47 is the automatic weapon of Kalashnikova—AK. While the number 47 was derived from the year of its manufacture.

In all we have got the name AK-47 which literally means Avtomat Kalashnikova-47 which shows that the Automatic weapon of Kalashnikova was developed in 1947.

AK-47 is an invention which came from the combination of other former technologies. It can be best described as a hybrid of past rifle technology innovation.

It has come to be known that Mikhail Kalashnikov’s automatic rifle is a combination of the American M1 and the German STG44, which features are authentic.

Last, having known the full meaning of the rifle AK-47, we hope all guesses regarding the name would be cleared.

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  1. 1st the correct pronunciation of the k in AK is kalashnikov not kalashnikov which is feminine. 2nd it is not a hybrid of the stg44 and the m1 garand. The only similarities between the AK 47 rifle abd the m1 garand is the bolt mechanism. 3rd the 47 is the year the soviets adopted the rifle, the rifle first came out in 1945/46.
    The rifle that is more like the stg44 are the HK series of rifles and the American colt m14 rifles.

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