Get Loan Up To N100,000 With Low Interest Rate In Nigeria

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How To Apply For Cbn Non-interest Loan

If you want to apply for CBN Non-interest loan for families. Business owners and SMES here are the procedures.

  1. Start by going to the website NIRSAL

  2. Click on Apply for Non-interest facility ”. when you click on apply, it will provide you with two options, the option are (a). Non-INTEREST TCF (b).NON-INTEREST AGSMEIS ” then click on the NON-INTEREST TCF .

  3. Then when you click on the NON-INETEREST TCF tab , you will see two options: (a) House Hold facility (b).SME Facility, Select the option that is most appropriate for you. Afterwards you can start the registration properly.

  4. Then on the next page you will be asked if you are a new applicant or returning to your previous application , then if you are applying for the first time select New Applicant”.

  5. The next page you will be required to input your BVN, this will Automatically provide some of your Details. Fill in the gaps required with your other details in appropriate ways.

If you put in your rightful details and your application is successful, you will receive a congratulatory massage for applying successfully ,if you have a business that you have registered with CAC is a pave way to option for SME facility. you just need your Registered business Tin Numbers and other information attached to the CAC registration.


CBN Non-interest loan is a federal government of Nigeria enticement package provide for families ,Business owners and Agricultural organization. Basically , these funds purpose are to provide for the families and businesses owners that’s were affected by the pandemics , these are procedures on how to apply for CBN Non-interest loan, Attend to the steps above for your application.

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