5 High Paying Online Businesses – Latest This Year!

In the world today, many young people have become millionaires by investing their time and knowledge in different online businesses. Since you are reading this article, count yourself fortunate as we show you 5 high paying online businesses that you can do on the internet and make cool money daily.

High Paying Online Businesses in Nigeria

5 high paying online businesses

Below are the latest high paying online businesses you can easily start, and work from the comfort of home;

1. Affiliate Marketing

There are bunch of affiliate marketing opportunities online and you can make a lot of money by simply becoming an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing, simply means promoting or advertising the products of your affiliate programme and be paid a commission when one buys the product. Examples of such programmes include Jumia, Konga and Amazon affiliate programmes.

2. Blogging

Blogging involves disseminating useful information online to get paid. You can earn so much money from blogging, especially if you are a type that is very obsessive about writing and have the ability to be original with the contents you create. Besides the money you make from content creation, you can make money from adverts as well, by getting people to advertise their goods and services on your blog. Linda Ikeji, who is being regarded as the richest blogger in Nigeria, makes close to 125,000 USD (about ₦60million) monthly.

3. YouTube Channel

YouTube is estimated to have over 2.1 Billion users around the world and is still growing. If you are creative and consistent, you can make a lot of money by creating video educative and entertaining contents and uploading them to YouTube. Mark Angel Comedy, for instance, make nearly 285,000 USD (about ₦137million) monthly only by producing attractive contents.

If you want to make money online, going into YouTube content creation is a big avenue to achieve your aim. On YouTube, you will get paid each time Google places an advert before or after your video begins. With just a good smartphone and a content idea, you are all set to make cool money.

4. EBook

If you are well knowledgeable about a specific area of academic, you can arrange this knowledge in an eBook format and sell on the internet. What you must do is to make the content very interesting and then explain it deeply. The eBook can be shared on webpages like coursera.org and udemy.com in the absence of access to physical audience. You can also sell your ebook on Amazon.com, and on many other platforms.

5. Content Writing

Nothing can be so settling as working from the comfort of your home at your own time. That is what content writing will do for you if you choose to become a content writer. Whereas that is so interesting, the most interesting part of it is that you make so much money by becoming a good content writer. You will be hired by bloggers and others to write contents for their blogs and products and get paid huge amount of money.


The internet, since inception, has been a home of many possibilities in the world today. If you want to start a business online, you can choose the one you can do very well from any of the five highlighted above.

Source: Nyscinfo

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