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School Bus Shuttle Business in Nigeria – how to start it

School Bus Shuttle Business

One of the lucrative businesses in Nigeria is the business of transportation. While it is not quite an easy one to venture into, if you understand it and follow it with passion, you will definitely make a good fortune from it. Here we will look at how to start school bus shuttle business in Nigeria. […]

How To Start A POS Business In Nigeria

How To Get A POS Machine

Have you ever wondered why there are Point Of Sale (POS) kiosk all around the nooks and crannies of the streets? In case you do not know, the business of helping people withdraw and deposit money is now a big hit in Nigeria. In this post, we will guide you on how to start a […]

WhatsApp Business App – how to make money from it

WhatsApp Business App

As the third most used social media app in the world with about 1.5 billion active subscribers, Whatsapp positioned itself as a platform where you can engage many people about your business and make money by advertising and selling your goods to them. For marketers and advertisers, Whatsapp presents an irresistible opportunity for business. Now […]

5 High Paying Online Businesses – Latest This Year!

High Paying Online Businesses in Nigeria

In the world today, many young people have become millionaires by investing their time and knowledge in different online businesses. Since you are reading this article, count yourself fortunate as we show you 5 high paying online businesses that you can do on the internet and make cool money daily. 5 high paying online businesses […]

How To Get A POS Machine (Zenith, FBN, GTB, Polaris)

How To Get A POS Machine

Point Of Sale (POS) machine is the pioneer of easy payments in business. People can now transact business involving money with just a click, making the need to look for “change” or carry much cash around obsolete. Despite the popularity of the POS machine, knowing how to get a POS machine for small business is […]

Treasury Bills In Nigeria: See how to invest

Treasury Bills In Nigeria

If you are thinking about ways to making a good return on your asset in a short period, which could be weeks, months or a year? Then, treasury bills should be at the top of your list. Investing in Federal Government of Nigeria’s treasuring bills is one among the well-trusted forms of savings in the […]

Tips To Make Money From Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Business In Nigeria

Real Estate financing in Nigeria is one among the trusted avenues for wealth creation and will continue to be. The real estate market makes trillions of dollars in yearly income. While it is a means of creating wealth, it is also helps you preserve the wealth. In this article, we will discuss, extensively on how […]

Bitcoin Investment In Nigeria – 5 things you must know

Bitcoin Investment In Nigeria

In recent times, Bitcoin investment has attracted many people to itself, market investors and analyst inclusive. Bitcoin is a decentralized (spread out) digital currency that you can transfer to another person on the same network with requiring intermediaries. It lets people exchange money without the involvement of banks or third parties. Also check 5 best websites […]

5 Best Websites To Raise Fund For Your Business

Best Websites To Raise Fund For Your Business

For startups in Nigeria, the biggest challenge is raising money to turn your idea into a business. To be able to gather the amount needed to start your business can be the bridge between the establishment of a company worth millions and nothing at all. Crowdfunding is a way to raise capital to start businesses […]

Why You Should Create A WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

How to make money on WhatsApp

Whatsapp is the most used instant social media app around the world. It is estimated that more than 2 billion people are on Whatsapp. The flexibility of it operations makes it the first choice of users, as one do not need to go through exhausting registration steps to create, own and operate a Whatsapp account. […]