T-shirt Printing Business In Nigeria – How to start with 500k

There are many highly lucrative businesses that bring cool cash for those who run them. One of such businesses is T-shirt printing business in Nigeria, which, unknown to many, is a very lucrative business one can start in Nigeria with a little amount of money.

Keep in mind that the fashion industry is growing daily as Nigerians of all ages, especially the youths, which forms the largest percentage of the population of the country, continue to revel in the art of fashion.

In a country where fashion is redesigned every day, boasting of an audience whose desire for fashion is unquenchable. What other business can give a better chance at making money if not fashion, of which, the T-shirt printing business is one.

The fashion industry in Nigeria is a national cake, and one way you can take your slice is, through T-shirt printing.

What is T-shirt printing business?

Basically, this printing involves the creation of custom printed T-shirts for sale. The interesting thing is, starting this business gives you the opportunity to upgrade to producing customized gift items for corporate entities.

Like we say in Nigerian street slang, the customized gift business will just be like a side hustle to the T-shirt printing business, thereby bringing in more money for you.

How to start a T-shirt printing business in Nigeria

Below is how to start T-shirt printing business:

1. Research and Plan

Before embarking on any business journey, you need to carry out a thorough research to see if the business is profitable. You need to know what your target market is, and how you can enter the market. You need to know the tools with which you would work and the cost of the tools, as well as the startup capital.

Basically, you need to dig deep to know all what it entails to begin with a bang and sustain the momentum. You can read online articles on how to prepare a good business plan and follow the writing style.

2. Get your startup capital

To begin a new business, you need to have a startup capital. Remember that you have highlighted the amount you will require starting the business in your business plan after the research process.

This money could be from your personal savings, gift from a relative or friend, loan from a corporate or family, or banks. In fact, what matters the most is not really where the money came from, but getting the money and how well you use it.

The amount with which you will start will be determined by how convincing you are about the business becoming a success.

3. Training

Having researched, planned and got your startup capital, the next important thing is to get yourself trained on how to print on the shirts. This is very important, especially you are not just building the place to hire someone to manage it. However, if you are not the only one to manage it, ensure that your staff or partners are trained in the art.

4. Location

Get a good location and buy the equipment that you would use to print on the shirts. Ensure that your equipment is of high quality.

5. Advertisment

Advertise your business to your friends and other people. You can take advantage of the social media by setting up a page for your business and sponsoring it as you grow in the business.


Let us tell you this as a matter of high importance: it is important you consider the quality of the T-shirts that you would print on. For blank shirts of high quality, make your printing topnotch on it for the beauty to come out.

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