Duration of NYSC Relocation: How long it takes to get approval

In this article we shall look at the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC Relocation Duration – how long it takes NYSC to approve your relocation.

NYSC Relocation Duration

The time it takes the NYSC management to approve or reject relocation application depends on the reasons by which the application is submitted.

Most people think it usually take long time before the NYSC management will act on the application. But that assertion is completely wrong, in this article I will explain the duration of NYSC relocation application.

Duration of NYSC Relocation Applications

After submitting NYSC relocation application, the NYSC officials will begin to process your request immediately. NYSC will check the documents submitted to them to decide how urgent it will take. The duration of NYSC relocation is usually two weeks depending on the reasons of applications.

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How long does nysc relocation takes?

The normal duration is 14 days depending on the ground you submit the application. Below is the duration of NYSC relocation on 3 different grounds;

1. Duration of NYSC Relocation on Health ground

If the reason for relocation is on health ground, the normal duration is two weeks. But if the illness is serious, NYSC will relocate you immediately. So, it means your relocation application can be approved within two days.

2. Duration on Marital ground

If the reason for relocation application is on marital ground, and you are a nursing mother or a pregnant woman, you may get an instant relocation approval.

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So, those who apply in camp will get approval after orientation camp. But if you apply after camp, you relocation duration is two weeks.

Please, be informed that NYSC will not relocate you only because you are a nursing mother or a pregnant woman. They only relocate those who are genuinely married. In that case, you need to produce marriage documents.

3. Duration on Security ground

If the reason for your relocation is on security grounds, it is likely that NYSC would hold you until after after 21 days in Orientation camp. But if you apply after camp, it usually take 14 days.

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NYSC Relocation on Other ground

If you relocation is on other reasons, I’m sorry because you are very much likely not to be granted relocation.

The duration of NYSC relocation is usually two weeks, and the NYSC management would not want to keep you for long for no reason.

Note: If you apply on Health or marital grounds with fake documents, NYSC will not approve your relocation. They will keep ‘pending’ your application until you forget that you have applied.

Updated: October 2, 2019 — 7:58 pm


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  1. I applied for relocation based on health issue even while in camp but haven’t gotten any approval yet. What should I do?

  2. Pls I applied for relocation base on marital after camp since 5th of January but still showing relocation is being proceed

  3. Sir i recently got married so I applied for relocation last month based on marital ground but its approval is still pending and we are told that we are to resume September 21st of which I would love to continue in the state my husband resides..pls what do I do now?

  4. Nwosu Ekene precious

    sir , I redeployed because i have phobia for water and prone to cold .so,i was posted at river line area in Rivers state, but since i submitted my application online for relocation ,I have not gotten approval . sir,what is the cause .From Nwosu Ekene Precious.

    1. NYSC can only relocate you base on the following ground
      1. Health
      2. Marital
      3. Security
      So, phobia or no phobia is none of their business

  5. I am applied for relocation which has been approved but I am yet to pay or print the relocation letter yet because I am comfortable with where I was posted to before the relocation. I would love to know if the relocation approval will be automatically canceled if I don’t pay or print it out after some time. Thank you.

  6. Please my relocation is approved but I haven’t paid and printed out hope won’t cause harm or cancellation?

  7. Maxwell blessing omomoh

    Sir pls I redeploy but my dashboard is showing me no record found and they said it might be delay from nysc due to the Corona virus , how true is this

    1. Just be patient, Corona affected everything

  8. What happens to someone that applied for relocation today, when is he likely to receive a feedback

    1. In two weeks time, but Coronavirus may distort it

  9. Idris yusuf adewale

    Give me ur no sir, i want to relocate, or call or watapp me 09021841217

  10. Ishaya Abigail Ake

    I applied for relocation in camp base on health issue and is still showing me still on process, what will I do because I still want to relocate thank you.

    1. The is nothing to do….

  11. Thank you for vital info provided. I wish to know how I may cancel my relocation, I was granted emergency relocation based on health grounds but after recuperating from the ailment I now wish to return to my first posting . I haven’t confirmed the relocation on my dash board though, I don’t know if it would have been withdrawn automatically as this would be good news. Thank you

      1. Uche Jane chiamaka

        Sir please I applied for relocation at camp but my dashboard is showing no relocation record what next will I do.

        1. Report to your PPA, it means you have not been relocated.

  12. please I applied for relocation after camp based on health ground for a month now and till now I’m seeing your application is being processed what can I do to conceal it or reapply thanks.

    1. Good day sir, have spent 6 months in the NYSC system but still want to relocate on marital ground.is it possible for me to still be relocated if applied?


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