How to Cancel NYSC Relocation – best guide

Circumstances may arise where corps members need to cancel their relocation for reasons best known to them. Canceling NYSC relocation can seem like a daunting task, but with the right information, it becomes an easy process. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step approach to canceling your NYSC relocation.

Whether you have already been posted to a new state and wish to return to your original deployment or have a pending relocation application that you wish to cancel, this information will equip you with the knowledge needed to navigate the cancellation process smoothly.

Is it possible to cancel NYSC relocation?

Yes, it’s possible to stop NYSC redeployment or relocation, whether it’s still in the processing stage or after it has been approved. If you have applied for relocation and have now changed your mind to continue serving in your current location, we will guide you through the necessary steps.

Please refrain from applying for relocation simply because others are doing so. Before you consider applying for relocation, carefully evaluate whether it is genuinely necessary for you.

Let’s assume that you accidentally applied for relocation or NYSC relocated you to a state other than your preferred choice.

How to cancel NYSC relocation

Cancellation of NYSC relocation can be done while you are still in the NYSC camp or after leaving the camp. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to cancel your relocation:

1. Cancelling Within the Camp: If you are currently in the NYSC Orientation camp and wish to cancel your relocation, follow these steps:

  • Approach your platoon officer for guidance on the cancellation process.
  • Alternatively, draft a letter of request and submit it to the NYSC relocation officer.

2. Cancelling Outside the Camp: If you have already left the NYSC Orientation camp, follow the steps below to cancel your relocation:

  • Carefully consider your decision to cancel your relocation before proceeding.
  • Write a formal letter of request addressed to the NYSC State Coordinator in your present state of service.
  • Submit the letter to your Local Government Inspector (LGI) who will assist you in forwarding it to the NYSC state secretariat. Alternatively, you can submit the letter directly to the NYSC secretariat yourself.
  • Once submitted, continue with your regular activities in your present state of service.

Important Note: Ensure that NYSC officially cancels your relocation, as failure to obtain the cancellation may adversely affect your service year.

By following these guidelines, you can effectively carry out the process of cancelling your NYSC relocation, whether you are within or outside the camp. Remember to prioritize obtaining the necessary cancellation to safeguard the continuity of your service year.

Please, also keep in mind that it is possible to apply for relocation more than once.

Hope this helps you? If you have any question, you can drop it in the comment section below.

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  1. Since last two months now my relocation have been showing in process and they have not approve it till date

  2. Good day sir,
    I haven’t been given the PPA yet so I only canceled it through my dashboard and they even sent me confirmation mail in which i clicked on but it’s almost 10 days now it doesn’t reflect

  3. I’ve done my documentation after relocation and my PPA is out but don’t want report instead I want to cancel my relocation back to my State of deployment.
    What can I do?
    I hope they can return me back to my initial State.

    • I’m suffering from epilepsy and seizure, my parents are now residing in Otuokpoti Community, Ogbia LGA in Bayelsa State.I applied for relocation to Bayelsa State because I was advised by my doctor to stay close to my parents. I applied online without uploading my medical report, can I cancel the relocation and re-apply with the medical report?

  4. Good day sir ! I applied for relocation through my dashboard and I want to cancel it before it will be approved,what step am I going to take for it to be cancelled sir ?

  5. Pls I have already hone to the secretariat and I have written an application for cancellation of relocation. When I checked my dashboard, it has been canceled. Pls what is the next step to take. Urgent answer pls.

    • Good morning sir,please sir I’ve done my documentation after relocating to delta state and being given ppa letter and my state code has changed,but I want to go back to my place of deployment now! Is it possible for me and What are the steps am I to take?

  6. Please sir I applied for relocation and now I want to cancel it please sir what if I decide not to print the relocation letter will it cancel

  7. please sir is there any way I can apply for cancellation through my dashboard? Cos I applied through my dashboard and want to cancel it.

  8. Sir please i applied for relocation during the camp so today i didn’t see my own as others so i did it online myself on health grounds different from the one i did in camp
    Please what is my assurance will it affect me?

  9. Good morning my name is oke samson oluwaseun Corp member of plateau State , I’m wrongly apply for relocation last year December and the relocation is approved by NYSC and I’m in the place I posted too I want to cancel it what is the step for me to take to cancel it please I need help from you sir/ ma .

  10. Please have done my documentation after relocation back to Abuja and ppa is given to me already but I don’t know if I should go to the local govt first or take the ppa letter to the company I was posted to? Please am confused and clearance is this week

    • Take the letter to the company and collect clearance letter…If they refuse to give you clearance letter, don’t report to your LGI and explain things for him. He will allow you to take part in the clearance exercise.

  11. I applied for relocation more than two weeks now regarding security issues is there a tendency that it will be Granted soon

    • Please I summited acceptance letter instead of request letter and until now I did not see my posting am confused what do I do pls

      • Sir my name is OBASA Esther I fill form for redeployment on my dashboard n am yet to received letter of approved is der hope for me if it will be approved

    • Good day,
      Please I need help. Is it possible to cancel a relocation after it has been approved? If yes what’s the way out?
      Thank you.


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