How Much Does A Nigerian Governor Earn Monthly

“How much does a Nigerian governor earn monthly?” is a question that many Nigerians ask and beg for answers. It is public knowledge that Nigerian politicians live an extravagant life, especially the State Governors. Whereas it might surprise you that Nigerian governors basic monthly salary is around N2.2 million per month, in addition to other juicy allowances, which fluctuate monthly. Also check salary of Nigerian president and vice president.

How Much Does A Nigerian Governor Earn MonthlyThe approved payment package for public and judicial officer captured the amount a State Governor is entitled to yearly. This payment package is prepared by the Revenue Mobilization and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC). This payment plan took effect on 1st July 2009.

Based on the remuneration policy stated, a State Governor is supposed to be earning N11.5 million  annually. With an annual leave allowance of N222,370.50.

Governors are also eligible for 400% of their yearly salary as a car loan and maintenance. Add this together, you will have a stunning N8,894,820.00. This was part of the 2008 payment package.

Meanwhile, seeing that the governors travel around in convoys of SUVs and a lot of other luxury vehicles, it becomes very obvious the governors actually spend far beyond the officially approved N8.9 million Naira.

If, however, you consider the cost of the vehicles, maintenance and other logistical needs, then the governors spend way above the N8.9 million.

Outside the salaries, each State is responsible for the accommodation of their governor and the furnishing of his residence or houses. This is where the governors make even more money, because the Revenue Mobilization and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) does not specify how much a governor should spend or is entitled to spend.

As a result, a governor is, therefore, allowed to withdraw whatever amount he wishes from the state’s purse as remuneration for ‘estacode’. Also, the amount a Governor is entitled to, as a Duty Tour Allowance is not specified by the RMAFC.

The deputy Governor’s monthly earnings

On another hand, a deputy governor of a state is entitled to a total of N10,772,296 annually. While the yearly basic salary is N2,112,215. He receives N8,448,860 as car loan. He is entitled to an annual leave of N211,221.50.

The state government is also responsible for the accommodation and furnishing of his apartment.
Likewise, the medical bills of the deputy governor are taken care of by the state government and he can be remunerated in foreign currencies in even that he traveled out of the country.


Apart from the information above, there are many other privileges that states governors enjoy in Nigeria. These, we shall discuss in our subsequent articles. Also check Salary of Nigerian State Governors (see full details).

Source: Nyscinfo

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