Salary of Nigerian President and Vice President

Do you have an idea about the amount the President of Nigeria and his Vice receive monthly or yearly? This post will show you the breakdown of the salary of Nigerian President, and that of his Vice. The current President of Nigeria is Muhammadu Buhari, so here you will get the breakdown of Buhari Salary, and as well as Yemi Osinbajo Salary, the vice president of Nigeria. You may also like to check the salaries of Nigeria Senators.

Salary of Nigerian PresidentPresidency is a very tough and important position in all nations, and deserves to be paid well since they carryout the major tasks of a country. The President is the head of executive arm of government in Nigeria, and the rise and fall of the country lies on his or her shoulder.

Duties of the Nigerian President

Some duties of the president are;

  1. Signing of bills presented by other arms and offices.

  2. Requesting the law-makers to reconsider bills presented.

  3. Refer bills to the judiciary (Supreme Court) for constitutional decision.

  4. Giving appointment to Chief Justice (CJ) of the country, as stipulated by the law.

  5. Receives foreign visitors.

  6. Appointing federal officers with the knowledge of the Senate.

  7. Give honours (recognitions) to individuals and bodies.

  8. Pardon offenders in the country, and so on.

The Vice President foresee, and runs the affairs of the President when he/she isn’t readily available, or gave the instruction.

Nigeria President Salary Structure

The salary of the president of Nigeria was reviewed by Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC), and they came up with the current pay. Although, the current President of the country (Muhammadu Buhari) slashes down the salary for his office and that of his Vice while assuming office. The salary they received is stated below;

Buhari Salary

The basic monthly salary of President Muhammadu Buhari is fixed at ₦1,171,568 aside several allowances including hardship allowance of ₦146,446 per month and a consistency allowance of ₦732,230 per month.

Therefore, annual basic salary of the President of Nigeria amount to Fourteen Million, Fifty-eight Thousand, Eight Hundred and Sixteen Naira (₦14,058,816). The allowance listed below are not included in ₦14,058,816:

  • Medical allowance.
  • Duty tour allowance.
  • Furniture allowance.
  • Wardrobe allowance.
  • Newspaper
  • Accommodation fee.
  • Vehicle fueling & Maintenance.
  • P.A payment.
  • S.A payment.
  • Security payment.
  • Entertainment allowance, etc.

Gratuity of Nigeria President

The President of Nigeria will also be paid a special gratuity at the end of his tenure. This pay is 300 percent of his salary while serving as the president.

President Buhari’s severance gratuity is pegged at ₦10,544,115, which is the 300% of basic salary. Buhari is also entitled to a leave allowance of ₦351,470, which is the 10% of the basic salary, and an optional motor vehicle loan of ₦14,058,820, at 400% to be repaid before the expiration of the president’s tenure.

Vice President

The salary of the Vice President of Nigeria which includes hardship and constituency allowances is twelve million, one hundred thousand naira (₦12,100,000) annually. Aside this payment, he also receives;

  • 75% of his salary as vehicle and maintenance fee.
  • 25% for P.As.
  • 75% for workers in his home.
  • 45% for entertainment expenses.
  • 30% for utility bill payment.
  • 300% for his furniture payment.
  • 200% for his accommodation allowance.
  • Others include tour allowance and leave allowance.

Just like the President, the Vice President will receive a special gratuity at the end of his tenure. Which is 300% of his basic payment.

With this elucidation, the salary of both the President and his/her Vice is now being made known to those that have been longing to have an idea of it.

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