How To Attract Angel Investors To Your Startup In Nigeria

Angel investors, as the name suggests, are angels to budding enterprises. High-net-worth people are frequently the source of early-stage finance for businesses.

They are frequently exposed to a high level of risk because they desire a bigger return on investment than the stock market can provide.

Best 4 Ways To Get Angel Investors To Invest In Your Business In Nigeria

If you’re thinking of seeking an angel investor for your Nigerian startup, consider the following suggestions:

Find the best Angel Investors for your business.

1. Identify the right Angel Investors

Angel investors typically have experience and networks in specific industries, and they invest in those industries or company ideas. You may tailor your pitch to the types of investors you want to contact after you know who they are.

2. Providing an opportunity for value

Angel investors are always looking for methods to add value and generate decent returns on a diverse portfolio. They are involved in many aspects of the firm, such as the board of directors, advisory board, networking, and founder mentoring. Allowing them to provide value to your business fuels their drive to generate more money, which means they’ll put more money into it.

3. Make sure your actions are in order

Angel investors are looking for enthusiastic entrepreneurs that can not only talk about their ideas but also manage a company team to generate large profits. You must demonstrate a strategic execution of your plan to recruit the ideal employees for your company.

When it comes to pitching to investors, many new firms are never prepared. It is never enough to have a wonderful concept; it is far more necessary to put such plans into action. Going above and above in your preparation is the greatest way to achieve this. This demonstrates your readiness and aids you in navigating the onslaught of offers you may get.

4. Make the Most of It!

Angel investors aren’t required to view a final product before making an investment. Even yet, you should avoid approaching them just on the basis of your words.

These investors would be hesitant to hand over millions of naira based just on your word of mouth. Be kind; put out an effort, even if you have previously failed. They claim that actions speak louder than words. Make the most of it.


Even if the investment appears to be a good one, the angel investor is still exposed to a lot of risk. Given this, your departure strategy is the most important thing they anticipate. Before any money crosses hands, you’ll need a plausible exit strategy. Angel investors will be looking for a variety of exit alternatives as well as a thorough risk analysis for each investment.

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