How To Become A ReadyCash Agent (A Guide)

Many people in Nigeria today do not have access to basic banking services. The minority of people who are lucky enough to have access to traditional banking services grumble about long lines. ReadyCash is a startup that tries to address the issue of Nigerians’ lack of access to adequate financial services. Everything you need to know about the company is right here.

About ReadyCash

ReadyCash is a banking network that allows Nigerians to use cashless transactions to gain access to improved financial services. Parkway Projects owns the organization, which was created in 2012. Essentially, they hire agents who are dedicated to providing financial services to a large section of Nigeria’s population. They also provide recruiters with the opportunity to make money while also employing other interested players.

The company, which is licensed by the CBN, employs a mobile payment solution that allows users to establish and manage virtual wallets. Essentially, this wallet enables you to store money and conduct transactions quickly and easily.

What kind of services does ReadyCash provide?

The following are some of ReadyCash’s features:

1. Send and Withdraw money

You may send money to any bank in Nigeria with just one click on your phone using the ReadyCash app. You can also use ReadyCash POS or agents to withdraw cash from your banks.

2. Pay bills

You can pay your bills quickly and easily. Your App can be used to pay basic expenses such as your power or cable payment.

3. Pay Merchants

You can use your smartphone to make payments to entrepreneurs and store owners. This is a straightforward and painless procedure.

4. Purchase Airtime

You can buy airtime for yourself and your loved ones with ease using the digital banking service.

Finally, the platform allows you to create an account and enroll for your BVN without having to wait in enormous lines.

What steps do I need to take to become a ReadyCash agent?

Follow the procedures below to become a Ready cash agent:

  • Go to the Google Playstore and download the ReadyCash Android app.
  • Fill out the registration form to create an account on the app.
  • After that, wait for their feedback. Within 72 hours, you will receive feedback on the success of your process.

You will be given an agent ID, a pin, and a password when you have been allowed to use for mobile money transactions.

What are the prerequisites for becoming a ReadyCash agent?

To become an agent, you must meet the following requirements:

  • A valid government-issued identification card
  • A current utility bill
  • A clear representation of yourself

In a nutshell, these conditions will verify the legitimacy of your account.

How can I acquire a free POS from ReadyCash?

  • One POS machine is available to each ReadyCash POS agent. However, in order to obtain the machine, you must first:
  • Make a total payment of N10, 000 as a collateral charge.
  • Meet the transaction objective for the month. The minimum monthly transaction volume is N2,000,000 (two million naira).
  • Depending on your region, you will additionally have to pay a delivery cost.

A pin pad is another option for a POS machine. Your agent account is directly linked to a pin pad.

What is the procedure for obtaining ReadyCash’s Pinpad?

The pin pad machine is comparable to a point-of-sale system. You can, however, use it to withdraw and deposit money at rates other than those charged by the POS machine. To obtain a pin pad, you must pay N20, 000, which is the pin pad’s price.

What is the location where I can get the ReadyCash App?

At the time of writing, the app was exclusively available for Android on Google Playstore.

How can I get in touch with ReadyCash?

You can get in touch with ReadyCash in the following ways:

  • Address: 295 Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba, 101245, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Phone number: 01 454 3219
  • Website:
  • Email Address:


ReadyCash is a digital platform that allows you to obtain financial services quickly and easily. In addition, the organization empowers Nigerians by allowing them to work as transaction agents. In essence, the platform assists you to make your money transactions simple and convenient.

Source: Nyscinfo

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