How to check Access Bank Account Number using your Phone

If at any time you forget your account number, there are ways you can easily check it using your mobile phone instead of visiting the bank. In this post, you will learn how to check access bank account number using your phone.

Once you get your account number, write it down somewhere or store it on your head or phone. But if you eventually forget it, or can’t reach where you saved it at the time of need, there is a way to check your bank account number using your phone. Gone are the days when people visit banks, and join long queues just because they want to retrieve their account numbers.

Because most people now have multiple bank accounts, it is very common to forget the ’10 digits’ account number of a bank.

So, since there are different ways to check account number of various banks, we shall focus on how to easily check access bank account number.See USSD code to buy Airtime from any bank in Nigeria.

How to check Access Bank account number using your phone

Below are how you can check your access bank account number on your phone;

1. Use USSD Code

To check your access bank account number with a short code, follow these steps:

  • Dial *901# on your mobile phone.
  • Enter 4 to select 4 for “Other Services”
  • Again, enter 4 to select “Enquiry Services”
  • Enter 3 to select “A/C No Enquiry”
  • Finally, enter your 4-digit mobile banking PIN.

Boom! Your Access bank account number will be displayed on your phone screen or sent to you via SMS.

When you use this code to check your account balance, it would also display your bank account number along with your account balance.

Note: You must dial this code from phone number that is linked to your access bank account. Also, if you are using this service for the first time, you will be required to activate the service by creating a 4-digit PIN for the security of your account.

Is there service charge?

‘Yes’, Access Bank will deduct N10 service charge from your bank account. The service is not free provided you used this USSD code “*901#”. But there is no service limit, meaning you can check your account number as many times as you like; at N10 per service. See code to check your BVN on your phone.

2. Use Access Bank Mobile App

Another way to check your account number with Access bank is by using your access bank mobile app. Once you login to your mobile app dashboard, your bank account number will be visible there. Even if you have more than one access bank account, all the account numbers will be visible to you. This service is free only that you need internet data to connect. Recommended for smartphone users only.

3. Social Media

Access bank provides help to its customers through various social media platform. Just request for your account number via access bank on Twitter or through their WhatsApp banking (09090901901).

WARNING: Do not disclose any sensitive information. Your phone number that is linked to your bank account is enough for them to check for you.

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Updated: August 6, 2020 — 11:14