How to Block your Stolen ATM Card Instantly (Dial this USSD code)

ATM Card is a payment smart card issued by banks which enables the card holders to make transactions with Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), Point Of Sale (POS) and online. This means, if a criminal get access to your ATM card, they can cart away your money. In this post, we will show you a short code to block stolen ATM card so the card would be useless in the hand of the thief.

Every ATM card carries security information such as a 16-digit unique card number, expiry date, card owners name and a 3-digit authorization code i.e. CVVC or CVV. If a criminal gets access to those security information, they can also cart away your money even without knowing your transaction 4-digit PIN.

So, if your ATM card is stolen, forcibly taken, or you think the security information have been compromised, you can block the card by dialing a short code on your phone.

USSD code to block your ATM card

Instead of visiting your bank, you can stop withdrawals on your bank account by dialing this USSD code * 966 * 911 # on your mobile phone.

How to Block your Stolen ATM Card Instantly

When you dial the code, you will be asked to enter your bank account number.

After entering your bank account number, click “SEND”. The debit transactions on your bank account will be halted instantly. So, whenever you suspect any fishy thing in your account, use the code to stop debit transactions from your bank account.

Note: You can afterward visit your bank to reactivated debit transactions on you account. And then ask your bank to permanently block your ATM card. No more stealing from your bank account. Now, you know share this information with other people. See how to check Access Bank Account Number using your Phone.

Note: You can test if the code is working but remember not to click SEND instead click CANCEL.

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