How To Create A Website With Your Phone

Do you want to create a website without knowing jack about coding? If ‘yes’, read this post to learn how a website can be created using a mobile phone. Kindly note that the first thing to consider before creating a website is your domain name.How To Create A Website With Your Phone

A domain name is the address of your website that people type in the browser to visit your site. For example; our website domain name is, “”. Other domain names are,,, etc.

Since financial and economical markets are gradually moving to the internet. Time has come when anyone doing business would need to own a website. The demand for website creation has gradually experienced a leap, and if you feel convinced to own a website but you don’t have knowledge of the tools and steps, these few outlined here will help you.

How to create a website with your mobile phone

You can easily create a website using any of the following tools;

1. Canvava

Though an application, has a website template which you can edit to suit your taste. If you have a little experience with designing in canva, then you can start from scratch to design to your taste.

With it, you can create a  one page website or a website with as many pages as you want. Another interesting thing about canva website is that you can easily embed links to your social media pages, barcodes to events, or share pictures of your work.

From your canva website, people can easily view your social media pages when embeded or send a direct message to whatsapp or any platform of your choice where you are most available. You can also share reviews and testimonials here.

Although you can’t get a blog directly in a canva website, you can embed links to your writeups in word documents or google docs to a separate page in canva and link to a tab called blog.

For example, if you have a write up with the title “How to toast the love of your life “, you can write this fully as a text in your blog page in your canva design, highlight this and insert a link to your word document where the full article has been written. Although canva has a paid service,  you can achieve your website totally free.

2. Disha page

Disha page is a one page website where you can showcase your work just like canva. The beauty of disha page is that you can create your design in less than 10 minutes. All you need is a smartphone and internet. You can also include links to your email, and social media pages and showcase your work.

3. Linktree

Linktree is a landing page where you can share links to all your social media pages. It is similar to dishapage. With linktree, you get one link to drive traffic to all the content you want people to access.

4. Blogger

This is more like a website where you can share articles as well as other information. If you are a writer, blogger is suitable for you as you can conveniently post your articles here. The blog is hosted by google for free.

5. Wix

This us similar to blogger with more features just like a proper website. You can create a website for free and hosted by wix and has many templates you can edit to suit your taste.

6. WordPress

WordPress is a platform where you can also create a free website and start your blog. It has all features as highlighted in previous platforms. Finally, since these are free platforms, a part of your domain name would contain  the name of the platforms. For example, if you are using free wordpress, your domain name will look something like which might be very long or unprofessional. To work around this for a more suitable link, you can make use of link shortener. With URL shortners, you can have a shorter link with your desired name. Some of them include;,, etc. You can check google for more. So your domain name would be something like Or you can register for a custom domain like

I trust these tools will help you to start a free personal website. Stay updated with us as we will show you the practical steps to follow.

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