Best Free Web Hosting Companies – 100% Free

Are you searching for the list of free web hosting sites? If ‘yes’, you are on the right page. The web hosts listed on this page are 100% free (zero cost), and it’s not the usual free days or month trials out there. There is absolutely nothing wrong choosing to start with free web hosting companies. It may be that you want to try out how they work or learn something about them.

Factors to consider before choosing free web hosting companies

Below are factors which might restrain the use of free web hosting services;


It’s well known fact that not all free web hosting companies are reliable. Some people using free web hosting platforms have complained of the disappearance of their hosting acct (files).


This is the amount of time your site is active or accessible. No person enjoys losing traffic or sale because of web downtime. If you host your website on unstable uptime hosting company, get ready to achieve nothing.


Bandwidth is one of the critical factors for website, and you won’t get an unlimited bandwidth on free hosting plan. This will limit your business from growing bigger.

Customer Support

You may not get an email or live chat customer support to assist you in anything.

Ads Display

Most of the free web hosting services will display ads on your website without your consent.

Note: Some of the free web hosting companies also offer free domain registration. But the extension of the domain ends with their company name.


You don’t have the freedom to register good looking domain extension like .com, .net, .info, .org, and so on. But you can get a free domain elsewhere and point to your free hosting account. is one of the best places to get the best free domain extension but certainly not .com, or .net or .info, and so on. The best good looking domain extension you can register for free at are; .gq, .cf, .ga, .ml, and .tk.

Best free web hosting companies – 100% free service

Below is the list of best free website hosting companies;

1. Byethost

This is one of the free web Hosting Companies that have been on existence for long. But don’t trust them for it if you opt for free plan. They claim to offer unmetered bandwidth and unlimited storage space, but there is no truth in that. For customers’ support service, don’t expect a live chat. But their email support service is superb. They will respond to your email within 24hrs.

2. 000webhost

This free web hosting company is also popular. You may wonder why it is not bearing appealing name like others. 000webhost means $0.00 Wehost. They offer 99% uptime guarantee for free and 99.9% for a premium package. The free account also gets a cPanel control panel, and more.

Note: 000webhost will not hesitate to delete your site if you violate its policy. This they can do without any formal notice.

3. 1FreeHosting

1FreeHosting another free web service provider all almost all services to be unlimited; unlimited web hosting, MySQL, PHP, but not unlimited bandwidth and storage disk.

4. Infinity Free

This is also one of the best free hosting websites online. Although your freeness is altered, you have the option to make it free. I’m talking about the Ads display on your website, lacking the complete freedom to take charge. Perhaps there is an option to turn off the infinity-Free ads on your website from your free-hosting account. You will be happy to know that Infinity Free hosting gives you almost all the features of premium hosting plan for free; unlimited bandwidth, Softaculous, POP3 email, cPanel, etc.

5. Pro Free Host

ProFreeHost is recognized among the free web Hosting Companies, striving to stick to their promise never to charge for any of its services. Unlike some cost-free hosting companies, ProFreeHost is indeed free; all unlimited features are authentic that way.

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