How To Detect A Fake NPower Text Message

As part of our contribution and aim to ensure that accurate, reliable, genuine, and unfalsifiable information is being passed to our beloved/high esteemed readers who are mostly Npower Beneficiaries, we have decided to unveil the reality behind the text message been sent out by some unknown persons to mostly the Npower Batch C applicants, which is now trending. It is necessary to let you all know that the particular message is not only being sent to applicants via ‘Text message’ but also as circular message on social media platforms. Check bout Npower Cut Off Mark For 2021 Batch C NASIMS Test.

How To Detect A Fake NPower Text MessageFrom the information portrayed by the message, it was meant solely for the Npower Batch C applicants, but unfortunately it was also sent to some of the exited Npower beneficiaries (Batch A and Batch B) whose details must have gotten to the perpetrators from other fake Npower domain/portals which they clicked on, and possibly imputed their information as well.

Although, the senders might not be aware that Batches A and B will receive the message due to their dubious intention which was well planned, but wrongly executed.

The said text message requested that, prospective applicants of the Npower scheme should click on a given link, and quickly input required information that will enable them validate their phone number, and N-Power Identity (ID). This is fake and unverified! For your own safety, never in any way input your Npower details on the fake website, as it is obviously created to scam those that will fall victim.

You are allowed to comply with only messages that comes from the authentic Npower portal which is the NASIMS platform, that was officially launched for the purpose of Npower recruitment.


The Npower scheme earlier warned about imputing details (vital information) on fake portals, and how to detect these portals.

How to Detect Fake Messages that Isn’t From the Scheme

  1. If you are being directed to input your N-Power information from the text message via a link, and the link did not take you to the Nasims portal, but redirects you to a different portal, then you should easily detect that the message isn’t from the right source.

  2. Npower provided the NASIMS support contact to the general public should in case of issues during the registration process of batch C.

Therefore, Once you receive a text message about the scheme, you are to check the sender’s phone number or if it comes through mail, you should check the email address if it is same with the one provided by the scheme. If it doesn’t tally then you are to ignore the very message.

Note: Ensure you adhere to the advise, and simple steps given in this post to avoid being scammed by dubious Fraudsters.

For the safety of your friends and relatives, you are being encouraged to share this post to them via other social media platforms, to enable them avert any form of scam.

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