How To Easily Check Access Bank Account Number

How to retrieve Access Bank Account Number* – Just as it is difficult for an individual to forget the amounts they have in their respective bank accounts, the same can be said for how to hold the 10-digit bank account number rather than forgetting it due to the use of technology such as mobile banking or Internet banking. All these can be used to make transactions and still have your account number offhand, but the revised is now the case. Many people don’t care any more to capture their account number off hand simply because they can easily transact using any of the digital transaction methods.

When faced with a situation where their account number is needed, they will start running around, visiting their bank in order to retrieve it and, if paradventure, their bank’s customer care is busy or there is no network to display the account number on their system, such a person will start regretting not putting his/her account number down where they can easily trace it or have it off-hand.

However, if you are in this category of people and look stranded, don’t be worried. You will get all the steps it takes to recover your Access bank account after forgetting it. Just keep on scrolling and, at the end, you will find this article worth appreciating.

As the topic reads, “how to check access bank account number.” This means that our area of focus is based on Access Bank, other Banks will be discussed in different posts.

Requirements To Check your Access Bank Account

As important as it is, it is the first thing you need to know before you can know your account number. At this point, we have the following process:

  1. Mobile phone number linked to your bank account, if you only have an Access Bank account.

  2. Mobile Phone: This is because it is the basic device where all details about your Access Bank will be sent by the bank’s customer care.

  3. Network Signal Available: Before checking your bank account digits, make sure you have network access.

  4. Bank USSD Code Authentication PIN.

  5. ATM Code Number

Those are the major things you will be able to used to check your 10 digit access bank account in Nigeria. However, the next subheading will reveal the steps even more.

Steps To Check Your Access Bank Account Number In Nigeria

As easily as it looks, follow the steps below to retrieve your Access Bank account number:

  1. Dial *901 # on your mobile phone number that linked to your Access bank account. This means that you are only permitted to use the mobile number that links to the Access Bank account.

  2. There will be a display of options once the first step has been completed, then choose option ‘4’, which says for other service.

  3. Continue again by choosing ‘4’ for the enquiring service.

  4. Choose option ‘3’ for account number enquiry.

  5. A prompt will be displayed on your phone screen to enter your ATM card number.

  6. Next, enter the last six digits Number of your ATM card, then press Send.

  7. Without delay, your Access bank account number will display on your screen.

  8. Finally, in order not to forget, you can either write it on a piece of paper or save it on your phone.

As you can see, the steps are as easy as reciting the letter ABC.

How many Digits Is The access Bank Account Number

It is important to know that the Access Bank Account Number is a 10-digit number, so always ensure you check the number accurately before transacting with it or funding your account.

Do I Need the Internet to Get My Nigerian Account Number?

The answer to this question is “no.” You don’t need the internet to check your account number using your phone’s provided network signals, which display on your phone makes it easy-to-use USSD code.

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