How to Edit Your NPower Application After Submission

Do you notice a mistake after you have submitted your N-power application, and now you wish to edit your data or correct the error? Here we will show you how to edit your Npower application after submission.

We created this post after we noticed that many Nigerians who applied for the N-Power 2020 recruitment made mistakes while filling the Npower e-form.

Any mistake or error can disqualify a candidate from taking part in Npower programme. However, if you make a mistake while entering your data, editing your application could help to put back in good shape.

How to edit your NPower application form after submission

So, now your question is, ‘how do I edit my NPower application after I’ve already submitted?

Well, that is a tough question, but we will try our best in explaining it.

Now, to shock you, the straight answers is, you cannot edit or change anything in your Npower application after you’ve clicked on the “Submit” button.

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So bad, right? That is why you should be careful when filling the form. And those who are yet to apply should review their application before clicking ‘Submit’ button.

What will happen to those who made mistakes?

This may be another question going round in your mind. Luckily, the top N-power official, has addressed this issues on social media.

According to Npower official, applicant who made a mistake in his/her application might risk being disqualified from participating in the programme.

So, all those who are yet to apply should make sure they follow instructions carefully while filling application forms.

What to do if you make a mistake in your application

As at now, there is nothing to do if you make a mistake in your N-Power application in the ongoing Batch C recruitment.

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All candidates who already made one mistake or the other should not submit another application as that could lead to automatic disqualification.

But if your application has mistakes, you may or may not be disqualified. So, there is a  possibility that NPower will accept candidates that have some errors, so keep your hope alive.

Other important things to know

If your application is successfully submitted but you did not get an e-mail which contains your NPower Application Slip, read this post: how to print your N-power application slip without receiving email.

Remember to get the N-power past questions and answers because you will write aptitude test.

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Over to you! If you made a mistake in your Npower application, tell us in the comment section below, so we can tell whether or not it will affect you.

Updated: July 5, 2020 — 10:38 pm

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  1. Please,I just realized that the person that registered me uploaded my birth declaration certificate instead of using local government certificate can I correct it .

  2. My name is Ayano Samuel sayo

    But what is Bringing is Ayano Samuel what can I do?

  3. My name is Blessing samson but mistakely the write kwada samson pls how can i edit the applicat

  4. Sampson Nyakno Uduak

    Good morning. My name is Sampson Nyakno. I realized that there’s a mistake with my account number. Its eleven digits instead of 10 digits.. Can it be corrected?

    1. Yes, contact nasims support

  5. Please my name was shortlisted for biometric but I was unable to do the biometric which I notice a misspelled of name on my profile.i don’t know how to correct this and I want to confirm if I will be able to do the biometric

  6. I have written my test, but want to change my residence address, please any possibility?

    1. I want to change my local government and my course of study is they any possibility

  7. Favour Uche Mbagwu

    Please I made a mistake on my Gmail address. I entered, instead of please do consider me. Thanks.

  8. My gender is not written in my profile and I can’t submit my application without it

  9. My email doesn’t want to open the n power website

  10. Adefioye temitayo anuoluwapo

    My correct date of birth is 06 09 1990 pls I saw 330333 plz help me

    1. That’s what I’m also facing please if you find solutions you let me know please

  11. I made a mistake on my gmail address on my npower instead of i made mistake of

  12. I wrote a wrong date of birth mistakenly and now i want to update my dashboard is telling me that the application date of birth and that og bvn did not match now what may i do inorder to update my dashboard

  13. I didn’t upload my leaving school certificate

    1. Please Sir,i made mistake in Gender,the place was live empty while am male

  14. I made mistake in my job I put working

  15. Ebiloma Ejura Sarah

    I made a mistake on my gmail address on npower, instead of I made the mistake of

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