How To Print NPower Application Slip Without Receiving Email

After submitting your Npower application, you will receive e-mail to print application confirmation slip. In this article, we will show you how to print Npower application slip even without receiving email.

If you have completed your NPower online application, next is to get your confirmation slip, and wait for other next step which will be communicated to you in a short time.

How to print Npower application slip

The Npower application slip is very important for future reference. However, there are two ways you can print the application slip:

  1. Email and
  2. Npower portal

How to print Npower application slip through Email

After filling required fields on the Npower application portal, and click on “Submit” button, a notification will be displayed. The notification contains your application reference number, which look like this: NPWR/2020/NTECH1-XXXXXXXX.

Please note the reference number.

The notification that carries your application reference number will look like this: Your application was successful! A copy of your responses has been sent to your registered email. Next steps would be communicated to you in due time.” 

Now, check your e-mail inbox and spam folder, you will see a congratulatory message containing your confirmation slip.

Print a copy, and keep it safe for future reference.

What if I don’t get confirmation email?

If you don’t receive the confirmation email but your application is successful with no issue (your got congratulatory message and reference number) on Npower portal after submitting your application, then you have no problem. Just note your application reference number.

How to print application slip via Npower portal ( portal)

If you can’t access, your Npower application slip through email, there is other way to get it. Although, this method is not yet guaranteed but there will be a provision for it in the future.

  1. Go to the Npower portal at,
  2. Login with your registered email and password,

  3. Download and print your application slip for future reference.

Please, note that after printing your application slip, next is Npower exam. See Npower Past Questions and Answers.

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