How To Fix Temporary Ban On GB, OG and Whatsapp Plus

Whatsapp mods, which are more sophisticated versions of the pioneering Whatsapp, are known to many users for the customization control that it hands to the users. This means that, as a user of Whatsapp Plus, GBWhatsapp Pro or OGWhatsapp Pro, you can set the interface of your Whatsapp to your taste. You can manipulate the colours on the home screen, conversation screen, header, etc. to suit your desire and help you get the beautiful display that you want. Also check how I made 2million from WhatsApp within 6 Months.

Whereas many people enjoy using Whatsapp mods, one frequent problem the users face is the temporary ban that often denied them access for hours and sometimes a day or two. If you have suffered from this ban before, don’t worry because this article will teach you have to fix the issue, enable the anti-ban function and give you tips for avoiding ban.

How to fix temporary ban on GB, OG and Whatsapp plus

These Whatsapp mods can be installed on the android phone. To fix temporary ban issues, follow the steps listed below:

Step 1

If your Whatsapp is currently banned and you want to retain your messages before you use the service again, just wait until after the ban. Then back up your chats by going to Settings>Chats>Backup Chats.

Step 2

After backing up your chats, uninstall the version of the Whatsapp on your phone.

Step 3

Download another APK file for the mod of Whatsapp you want to use on

Step 4

Launch your Whatsapp and verify your phone number and you are good.

Simple, right? If after you follow the steps and you are still banned, switch to your phone’s Device Manager>Whatsapp Folder and rename it to “Deleted Whatsapp”.

Tips For Avoiding WhatsApp Temporary and Permanent Ban

  • Don’t send high volumes of messages or bulk forwards.
  • Avoid using old versions of Whatsapp MODS.
  • Avoid posting status longer than 30 seconds.
  • Avoid sending automated messages via third-party apps.
  • Don’t send the same messages to one person repeatedly.
  • Avoid sending many words to your noncontacts.
  • Don’t add people to groups except with their permission.
  • Use the latest version of the MODS you use.


If you endeavor to follow all the steps for resolving your ban, as well as the tips for avoiding ban, we are sure you will no longer have issues with getting kicked out of your account for hours and days.

Source: Nyscinfo

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