How To Get A POS Machine (Zenith, FBN, GTB, Polaris)

Point Of Sale (POS) machine is the pioneer of easy payments in business. People can now transact business involving money with just a click, making the need to look for “change” or carry much cash around obsolete. Despite the popularity of the POS machine, knowing how to get a POS machine for small business is still a big challenge because many people are oblivious to the process to follow to get one for their businesses.

How To Get A POS MachineIf you are thinking of how you can get a Point Of Sale machine for your business, you have found the right article that will take you through the processes.

Types of POS machine

For now, there are three types of Point Of Sale machines available for you to choose from. These are:

  • Retail POS machine
  • Counter-top POS machine
  • Mobile POS machine

How to get a POS machine

It is very easy to get a Point Of Sale machine for your business by contacting your bank. You need to first contact your bank to pre-inform them because POS machines are not available in Nigeria for a walk-in and pick up in shops like other goods. Each bank has a distinct approach that customers follow to be given the machine. There are forms you are required to fill and submit to the bank for documentation.

Meanwhile, below are how you can get a Point Of Sale machine from different banks in Nigeria:

How to get POS from Zenith Bank

As a requirement to be given a POS by Zenith Bank, you must have a current account, six months before your application. Upon showing interest that you want the machine, the bank will provide you with a form to fill in the following details:

  • Account number
  • Business email address
  • Mobile number
  • Other needed information

Note that it will take 72hrs to process your application after you must have sent your filled form to You will be required to sign the POS agreement after.

How to get a POS from GTBank

Like the Zenith bank, only current account holders can get POS from GTBank. The account must also have existed for six months and a detail application form filled and submitted via email to or be handed over to the officer in charge.

How to get a POS from Polaris Bank

The conditions given by Polaris bank seem to more favorable compare to those of other Nigerian banks. Both savings and current accounts holders can equally apply and get POS machine for their businesses. You can get a response to your application 14 days from the day of application.

How to get POS from First Bank

First bank’s process is very flexible as well. All you need is to approach the bank and fill in the application form and in two weeks you get your POS machine for business.


Having a POS machine for your business’ use is very important in an age where people no longer carry huge cash around in their pockets to pay for goods and services. Your customers become happy when you don’t give them a reason to stress themselves to pay for services.


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