How to know if you have successfully submitted Npower Test

If you applied for N-power Batch C programme, and have taken the test. There is a way to know if you have successfully submitted the test after writing it. So, if you are having doubt the test you wrote was successfully submitted, we will walk you through on how to detect if the test was submitted successfully, not submitted, or recorded by the portal. Check out Npower Cut Off Mark For 2021 Batch C NASIMS Test.

Kindly note that this post is for Npower Batch C applicants who have written the compulsory test, and wishes to know if they submitted the test successfully or not, after attempting the questions.

To easily know if an Npower applicant/prospective beneficiary has taken the test, and submitted successfully, the underlisted steps must have been achieved by the applicant in question;

  1. As an applicant, you must have accessed the NASIMS test portal to take the compulsory 20 minutes test, and attempted the twenty (20) questions set by the scheme.

  2. You must have clicked on the submit test button/icon, which is very important.

  3. If the submission was successful, such applicant will definitely receive a congratulatory message with the test score displaying on the very page.

With the above steps accurately done, you should be rest assured that the test was successfully take and recorded.

In a situation whereby your network becomes bad at the point of submitting the test, and you are worried since you aren’t sure if the test was submitted successfully.

You ought not to worry about it, kindly revisit the test portal to confirm, but apply precaution by avoiding too many attempt so your account won’t get blocked.

If you find this information useful, kindly share with others as it may be of help to them.

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