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Don’t Re Take N-power Test If You Have Seen Your Score

Npower applicant who have taken the N-Power NASIMS assessment test, should on no account retake the test even if the portal is asking them to ‘take test’ when logged in to their dashboard.

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Kindly be informed that you are not to take another test after getting score. If you are shortlisted, you will be informed via email.

Note: You can only retake the test if you did not submit the previous one you took or if you did not receive score.

Once you have seen your score, you shouldn’t retake test anymore. And for you to see your score you must have clicked on Submit button. So, you can even take the test three times provided you didn’t click submit.

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For those that want to retake the test because they scored low, you shouldn’t retake the test.

Npower assessment test grade points

So, any applicant that scores from 40% and above should pray hard to be selected base on merit. Check out Npower Cut Off Mark .

See how to check your Npower Deployment Status On NASIMS Portal.

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    When will biometrics end



    You better not apply for this npower again

  3. rasheed


    i did not seeing my test but i have did my test

  4. Oluwaseyi


    Pls I did the test and I got 50% and later I click on view result to recheck my score it is 45% that is there pls help me

  5. Nwabueze Okezie


    I retake the npower test for three times, and I was blocked, pls what should I do NPWR/2020/004435073.

  6. Alegu Rita Oluchi


    Some cannot access their account

  7. Agbo Deborah


    Since I applied for npower program,I have been receiving any emails, messages, directives,or an update on the development of the program till date. thanks

  8. Olotuche


    I re-edited my Profile after I had seeing my test score will that be an issue for me?

    • Jnny


      I had the same issue.please help

  9. Ibrahim


    What about the people that retake the test.

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