What To Know About Npower End Test and Take Test Buttons

The NASIMS Portal is the platform that the Npower scheme is currently using to select the Npower Batch C prospective beneficiary. For the fact that the NASIMS portal is being used for the first time, most applicants are confused on the right steps to follow. Check out Npower Cut Off Mark For 2021 Batch C NASIMS Test.

One of the areas they (applicants) are confused about is that of the ‘Take test‘ and ‘End test‘ buttons.

This is mostly an issue to applicants who have successfully taken the test but still sees the ‘Take test’ button on their dashboard/profile. Others are complaining that they didn’t click on the ‘End test’ button seen on the NASIMS portal, after taking the test.

For these reasons, we have decided to explain in details to applicants what the ‘End test’ and ‘Take test’ buttons actually means.

Those who succeeded in taking the Npower Batch C test but forgot to click on the green button with the caption ‘End test’, after which they kept on seeing ‘Take test’ on their dashboard should try to remove all forms of fear, and panic in them, as it’s never an issue.

It’s not an issue as long as you took the test and clicked on the ‘submit’ button, after which you saw your score along side a congratulatory message.

Actually, the button ‘End test’ is being created to take you back to your profile/dashboard, of which you can achieve this by even clicking the back button on your phone or whichever system you used in taking the test.

Even if you quit the browser or put off your network, as long as you have seen your score with the message, your score has already been recorded on the NASIMS portal.

While the ‘Take test’ button is meant for only those who are yet to take the test. This means those who have taken theirs and have seen their score has nothing to do with this button again.

Conclusively, as long as you submitted your test, your score is already recorded on the portal and shouldn’t have any atom of fear for not clicking on the end test button.

in case of any further questions concerning the NASIMS portal, you can read our previous post on “Frequently Asked Questions And Answers About Npower Batch C’ NASIMS Portal“.

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