How To Predict and Win Bet9ja In Nigeria (Tips)

In Nigeria today, sports betting is one of the fastest avenues through which sports lovers, especially the youths, are generating income for their upkeep and the settlement of other personal bills. Bet9ja is one among the betting companies in Nigeria and it offers both offline and online betting. Rated as the best betting company in Nigeria, it is not surprising how many winners and bettors have praised the company in recent time for its accountability, credibility and timeliness of payment of winnings. However, in this article, we will teach you how to predict and win Bet9ja in Nigeria. Also check how to become a registered Bet9ja agent.

How To Become A Registered Bet9ja AgentMeanwhile, to win you must learn the tricks of analyzing and forecasting to give you the chances of nicking it against the company. Betting will be an unprofitable investment for you if you cannot win because failing to win is because of one’s inability to forecast and predict matches correctly. To overcome failure in Bet9ja, we will show you tips to forecast.

How to predict and win Bet9ja in Nigeria

Below are tips to win Bet9ja games in Nigeria:

1. Avoid selecting many games

Too much of everything, as they say, is bad. This saying covers everything in life. While the more you play, the more chances you have of winning, you should not push beyond the limit. This simply means that you should not play too many games so as to avoid having one or two games crashing your ticket. For an instant, you can play just a minimum of 10 games.

2. Use statistics, don’t underestimate the power of Stats

Statistics help to provide you with insights into the performance records of various teams. Do your research before you predict a game. Say, you are betting on a football match, the best thing to do is to go back and look at how the teams you want to bet on have fared in their last three matches.

3. Bet on numbers of goals

One thing that bettors failed to realize is the fact that several goals to be scored pays way more in betting than the final result. Always bet on the number of goals to be scored because it increases your chances of winning more than the match’s outcome.

4. Play running ticket

This is the type of ticket that has matches running through some days and even weeks, sometimes. It gives you the chances of winning regularly notwithstanding the odds. This enables you to play games you are certain to win while predicting bet9ja.


It is very easy to win bet9ja if you follow the right information. The above four points highlighted will help you turn your failure to win to great winnings as you work with the instructions.

Source: Nyscinfo

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