How To Start A Music Recording Studio In Nigeria

Music Recording Studio In Nigeria: To begin anything in life, especially business, the most important step to be taken is to get to know the cost of the business you intend to do. In Nigeria today, music production is an absolute hit in entertainment. The reason is very simple and obvious. Nigerian is blessed with a pool of talented youths, many of whom daily aspire to become celebrated musicians in the Nigerian ever-growing music industry.

Music Recording Studio In NigeriaBecause of this, owning a music studio in Nigeria presents you with a lucrative opportunity of making money while also inscribing your name on the sand of time as one of the persons that contributed to the growth of music in Nigeria and Africa.

Meanwhile, there are categories of music studios which are analog and digital studios. As such, the cost of building one will depend on the type of studio you want. Although digital studio is the one prevalent at this time of advancing technology. Importantly, you need to clarify if you are a music producer, audio engineer, or you are only interested in building the studio and then employ professionals to assist you with the management of the place.

What are the advantages of owning a music recording studio in Nigeria?

  • Offers you the opportunity to make cool money,
  • Connects you to many music artists,
  • Markets you work and also brings you fame and publicity as your name will be on every album you work on.

What you need to open a music studio recording studio in Nigeria

Below are the factors to consider before opening a music studio in Nigeria:

1. Studio Location

Before you set up a music studio, it is very important you locate a serene environment to avoid the intrusion of external noise. Again, artists need a cool environment to be creative in their arts.

2. Sound Proofing

Sound proofing is one of the important things to consider. You need to know the types of sound proofing that can be used and then go for the best one. Some studio owners often go for egg crates or auralex. The sound proofing will have to cut across all the important areas in the studio.

3. Music and Studio Equipment

Upon getting the first two points addressed, your next line of action is to purchase the necessary equipment for the studio. These include Microphones, Mixers, and Compressors, etc.

Here are some of the equipment you need to start a music studio in Nigeria.

Host Computer (Workstation): This is the storage system where all audio recording and editing software is installed.

Audio Interface: USB interfaces, wire interfaces and the entire protocol system. Meanwhile, a fire-fire interface can get the job done.

Microphones: get at least two – a condenser and dynamic microphones.

Midi Controllers: a fade mixer and a keyboard for sequencing.

Headphones Amps: this assists recording artists hear themselves essentially.

Source: Nyscinfo

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