How To Remove Movie From ‘Continue Watching’ On Netflix

Netflix has finally given you the ability to clean up your cluttered “Continue Watching” row. The feature was first made available on mobile devices in July, but it is now available on all devices, including the web and television.

With a single button click, Netflix users may now remove a movie or TV show from the Continue Watching row. When you click on an existing movie or TV show in the row, a new “Remove from Continue Watching” button appears among the available alternatives. You can still alter your mind or undo removing a movie or TV show from the row by hitting the back arrow button.

When you go to the Continue Watching row on the site and hover your mouse icon over a movie or TV show, a “X” icon representing “Remove from row” will appear.

It’s time to clean up that mess in your Netflix Continue Watching row, so jump in right now and stay fresh.

Source: Nyscinfo

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