5 things to do after your service year (Life after NYSC)

We recently published a post titled ‘what next after NYSC camp‘ where I explained steps to be taken after 21 days (3 weeks) in the NYSC Orientation Camp. So, in this article we will show you five (5) vital things to do after your service year.

Life after NYSC

Life after completing your National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Programme is a very tough one. So, there is a need to prepare yourself ahead of time.

The question you should always ask yourself is “what next after NYSC?” The answer you give to yourself will help you determine what you next line of action will be.

When I was serving as a Corper, I never realize that N19,800 allowance (Now N33,000) is a big sum of money until I completed my service year.

In the labour market, I realized there are more qualified individuals than me who have been there without any record of success. I had to face life where there is no more Federal, State or PPA allowance to sustain myself.

Category of peoples that succeed after NYSC

  • Those who are extremely lucky will make it without spending much time in the labour market.
  • Graduates who seriously search for knowledge and opportunities will succeed.
  • Those that know the dig dong search strategies will eventually find opportunities.
  • Ambitious ones will always find a lucrative business to do for survival.

Now, you can decide which category you want to belong after your service year.

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The rate of unemployment in Nigeria is increasing geometrically. There is no job, and the government is not doing anything about it.

Recall that Dangote group recently received 13,000 applications for the job title, ‘graduates executive truck drivers’.

Out of the 13,000 applicants, 6 persons hold their PhD, 704 MSc and over 8,450 BSc holders despite the fact that the company needed 100 drivers only.

According to the Federal ministry of labor and productivity, over 41% of Nigerian graduates are unemployed.

However, the Bureau of Statistics added that over 50% of youths in Nigeria are without job, while the world bank puts the figure at 56% considering the country’s estimated population of about 167 million, consisting of 60 million jobless people.

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5 things to do after NYSC (life after NYSC)

If you don’t want to be on the list of unemployment youths, below are things you should do after NYSC;

1. Learn skills for personal development

Some folks will remain idle at home after NYSC, so instead of wasting at home, pick a skill to learn. If you don’t know which skills to learn, see top 10 skills to learn in Nigeria.

2. Get your CV ready

Well, you can do this while learning a skill. Draft a good CV and cover letter because you will need to submit it to companies that need new workers.

If you don’t know how to write good CV, see how to write a good CV for guidelines. But if you want our experts to help you write your CV, click here for details.

3. Create a good business plan and execute

Creating a business plan will help you achieve your entrepreneurial goal.

A friend, Joseph served at NNPC towers Abuja, a good place, right? They pay him well every month but he spends it mostly on clothes, shoes bags, wrist watches, and so on maybe to impress his colleagues. Today, he is searching for a job in every nook and cranny.

Another friend of mine, James did his NYSC in Abia State at a private secondary school. James saved up half of his monthly allowance, and now he has his own business.

The difference between Joseph and James is clear, James had a good laid down plan and a way of saving up to finance his plan from the little allowance of N19,800.

4. Further your education

You can go for your Masters degree in any field of your choice. You can search for accredited institutions before applying for your Masters program.

If you don’t have money, then you should consider applying for a scholarship programs out there. Wait a minute, if your main reason for going for your Masters is to get a high paying job, then you are wrong. Many people with Masters degree are yet to get a job. So get certified in what you love and compliment it with something.


5. Get married

As funny as this may sound, it’s so true and advisable for female folks. Getting married after NYSC will save you from stress, and also give your parents a financial relieve as the responsibility of spending on you will be shifted to another man.

What do you think about this? Tell us your life after NYSC experience in the comment section below.

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