Full List Of Oil Well Owners In Nigeria

Oil well owners In Nigeria – Nigeria is known to be one of the largest crude oil-producing countries in Africa, and ranked the 6th oil producer in the world.

The country produces an average of about two (2) million barrels of crude oil per day. The 70% of every oil produced in Nigeria comes from the Niger-Delta region of the country, which constitutes about 7% of the Nigeria’s land mass.

With Niger-Delta being the highest oil-producing region in Nigeria, therefore, one does not need a prophet to tell him that most oil blocks in Nigeria are located in that region. The Niger Delta is located within the South-South geopolitical zone in Nigeria.

Kindly note that some states in the South East, such as Anambra, Abia and Imo state, are among the oil-producing states in Nigeria, and some part of Abia and Imo constitute the Niger Delta. Also, some states in the South-west like Ondo and Logas are counted as the oil states.

List of oil producing state in Nigeria

Oil-producing states in Nigeria are;

  1. Akwa Ibom

  2. Delta

  3. Bayelsa

  4. Rivers

  5. Edo

  6. Abia

  7. Anambra

  8. Imo

  9. Ondo

  10. Lagos.

The amount of oil each of the states above produces is not evenly distributed; in the sense that one state produces high or lower than the others.

For example; Akwa Ibom state, Delta state, Rivers state and Bayelsa State all together produce about 90% of all oil produced in Nigeria, while other states combined together share the remaining 10 percentage.

It’s important to note also that about 83% of oil blocks in Nigeria are owned by people from the Northern part of Nigeria. It was made known to the public by a former Chairman of Senate Committee on Business and Rules, Senator Ita Enang.

But how possible could that be since about 89% of the oil blocks are owned and managed by multi-national cooperations? Well, I guess he was referring to oil well, not oil blocks.

What is oil well?

An oil well is a dip (boring) dug in the earth that serve the purpose of bringing up petroleum oil toward the surface of earth.

Note: ‘Oil well’ is different from ‘Oil block’.

What is the oil block?

An oil exploration block is a large area of land, usually about 1000 square kilometers, that is awarded to oil exploration companies by the Government of a country.

List of oil well owners in Nigeria

In this section, we are going to give you the full list of oil owners in Nigeria, but you should know that some oil wells are owned by family, group, business or jointly owned; but where it is the case, we will give you the key member of the family, group or chief board member of the business.

Note: some high profile individuals secretly own oil wells. While some ownership is by proxy.

List of oil well and oil block owners in Nigeria

Below are oil well owners in Nigeria;

  1. Atiku Abubakar,

  2. Alhaji Mohammed Ludimi,

  3. Alhaji W.I. Folawiyo,

  4. Alhaji Aminu Cantata,

  5. Alhaji Sela Mohammed Gambo,

  6. Alhaji Mai Daribo,

  7. Andy Uba,

  8. Aminu Alhassan dantata,

  9. Arthur Eze,

  10. Alfred James,

  11. Adeyinka O,

  12. Abiola O,

  13. A Kpata,

  14. Appia Korang,

  15. Adeyemo,

  16. Ahmed Tinubu,

  17. Akinro C.A,

  18. Adeniji Titi,

  19. Akinla Ladipo,

  20. Aliyu Abubakar,

  21. Alamieyesheiga Anitonbrapa,

  22. Aret Adams,

  23. Alhaji Indimi,

  24. Bentley John,

  25. Bayero,

  26. Boyo,

  27. Baba Lawal,

  28. Brigidi David,

  29. Colonel Sanni Bello,

  30. C Orjiako,

  31. Cole Tonye,

  32. Ciroma Musa,

  33. Chinwetelu Chris,

  34. David Richards,

  35. Dan Etete,

  36. David Richard,

  37. Du- Frayed,

  38. Emeka Offor,

  39. Ewendu Chidi,

  40. Enddel Francis,

  41. Femisola Awosika,

  42. General Theophilus Danjuma,

  43. George Udoekong,

  44. George Udoekong,

  45. Ibukun Olawepo,

  46. Ibrahim Bunu,

  47. Jonathan Selereipre,

  48. Mai Derive,

  49. Module Alakija,

  50. Macpepple Victoria,

  51. MacPepple Henry,

  52. Macpepple Joy,

  53. MacPepple Emmanuel,

  54. MacPepple Elfrida,

  55. Mohammed Indimi,

  56. Mike Adenuga,

  57. Nwauche Erastus,

  58. Oba Gbadebo,

  59. O Osunsanya,

  60. Olukun,

  61. Onoh Anthony,

  62. Onoh Christiana,

  63. Onoh Ngozi,

  64. Odunsi Ade,

  65. Peter Odili,

  66. Peppe,

  67. Prince Nasiru Ado Bayero,

  68. Rilwan Lukman,

  69. Yar’Adua,

  70. Udoji,

  71. Saleh Jambo,

  72. Sanni Bello,

  73. Kase Lawal,

  74. Rachel Akintola,

  75. Reggie Uduhim,

  76. Lulu Briggs,

  77. Said Kuashi,

  78. Unejei T,

  79. Fatona Layi,

  80. Uduimp Itsueli,

  81. Sammy Olagbaju,

  82. Udi Ibru,

  83. Usman Danburran,

  84. Nwauche Erastus,

  85. Ifimaim Ekine,

  86. Williams E.J.

Source: Nyscinfo

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  1. The writer must be fool like a good number of his fellow southerners, the list has 63 southerners on it out of less than 90 people yet the writer claimed Northerners own majority of the oil Wells some of the names he mentioned eg mai deribe died a long time ago and Sanni Bello the current governor of Niger state was mentioned twice

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