Bobrisky Biography, Cars, And Net Worth

The history of crossdressers and transgender people has been a long time coming, especially with the introduction of Western civilization, which is typically practiced in all countries, both in Africa and elsewhere, which is why we are here to bring you the biography of Bobrisky, a well-known social media star.

Bobrisky Biography
Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju (Bobrisky)

Bobrisky biography

Bobrisky is a Nigerian man, formally known as Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, who was born on August 31, 1991. Meanwhile, he has transformed into a transgender woman whose presence is known on the social media app, and she now shows herself on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, just to popularize her beauty and make others act like her.

He has based his life on transgender life and was able to gain many viewers and traffic in his Snapchat account. Aside from that, Bobrisky violated the Nigerian standard for the history of transgender and inters3xual relationships by doing so, even claiming to have had a lover with whom he has concluded to have lived.

Based on Nigerian law, the act of Bobrisky’s transgender is an act that is to be dealt with, and most people are about to spend 14 years in prison in order not to promote corruption in the country.

Notwithstanding, he finally undergoes the surgery that turns him into a woman and gives her the name Bobrisky on July 8, 2021. Well, Bobrisky was not the first woman in transgender history, particularly in feminine transgender history; rather, transgender history may have begun with Christine Jorgensen in 1952.

What makes Bobrisky more socialized is the act of breaking the country’s laws, refusing to adhere to the standards, and performing what he seems to be the best lifestyle choice in Africa as well as fulfilling his dream vision.

Bobrisky Early life and education

Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju has spent his entire life in Lagos, Nigeria, where he attended both King’s College and Okota High School in Lagos. After which he continued with his tertiary institution at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Nigeria. He graduated with a BSC in accounting but had this sense of marketing skills used to build his celebrity life on social media.

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However, prior to be transgender, he was said to have been involved in some heinous situations in his life following graduation. And at this point, in order to not remain the same, he began to act as a woman, attracting viewers with the pronoun “she or her”, no longer him, legally conceived in May 2019, with much commentary dropping on his Instagram account regarding what he had planned to do. Initially, he was accused of being a gay, which was the major first attack he received from the critics.

Meanwhile, it was too late for the Nigerian government to take hold of him after he had gained a large number of followers, fans, and also those who criticized his actions. Apart from that, he appears at numerous events when invited and asked to give talks, which at the end express his motion and likeness towards actions to the audience.

It was not until his act was brought into critique by Otunba Olusegu Runsewe, the Director-General of the Nigerian National Council for Arts and Culture. In 2019, he spoke evil regarding Bobrisky’s action, being a man known for the total culture of the country, including the onmition of transgender individuals. In public, he called him a national disgrace who will not be allowed to walk the streets of Nigeria and will be dealt with harshly if he is caught.

But the question is, how long did they keep this action going?Till date, Nigerians remain dumfolded towards his actions and even went to the point of recognizing his influence on social media with formally African communications and public affairs manager for West Africans, Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, who made it known from the month of October to November 2016 when she began to conceive the act and carry out her plans during the attention on social media, possibly breaking the law of the country as well, which is why they watched her until the whole surgery was put into place.

Aside from that, while he was being criticized by the public, Bobrisky openly stated to society that he was not gay but a crossdresser. Yes, he was known to go to hell, but that wouldn’t stop him from making millions.

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He blasted his critics for the fact that they had worked hard to get his point of view and to learn much about her, and that was a credit to her social account, even going so far as to call them stupid, those who have nothing to do. He said; “I hustled 750,000 Naira this morning. Continue, you are here wasting your Mb on someone else’s lifestyle”.

Bobrisk Cars

While the world tried to criticize her for her lifestyle, Bobrisky had two popular and expensive cars, one of which she claimed to have gotten from her secret boyfriend, an African wealthy man who offered her 7 million along with the car, and the other is the Range Rover 2019 model, which she got as a result of her hustle.

However, going further, she speaks of her purchase of a five-bedroom duplex in Lekki, Lagos State as a celebrity in 2017. Bobrisky, too, has made a lot of progress since she first started viewing the image of herself as gay on social media before she became transgender.

Bobrisky Networth

Bobrisky, in history, became one who used her head and knowledge to make money both on social media and physically. She didn’t just get her money from social media without doing anything, but she also contributed to the teaching of ladies about sexual lifestyles while claiming to have a cosmetic store worth about N30 million in Lagos. in two accounts, both of which have money, physical and social media.

The other fact about her income is the act of being an MC (master of ceremony), basically on a very big occasion made for politicians and prominent men.

Finally, Bobrisky has a net worth of $40 million, but did you know she has a Nollywood film credited to her actions, which was removed in order not to promote homosexuality in the country, titled “Bobrisky in Love with Her Critique Dress,” which was the 2015 crossdressing?

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