Loan In Nigeria Without Salary Account

Sometimes emergencies that require money to be sorted arise, and you might not have money or be low on cash. This is where the idea of taking loan comes in, but in most cases, you might not be able to access loan from banks if you don’t have a salary account. But the good news is, you can access loan in Nigeria without a salary account.

Payday loan enables you to access loan without a salary account. If you are using Access Bank, you can access an instant loan by dialing 90111*1# or through Internet Banking, WhatsApp Banking, Access Mobile App and QuickBucks App.

Here we shall now look at the Access Bank Payday loan. You can check out full list of banks offering payday loan.

A payday loan is an instant or quick loan product for customers open to both salary and non-salary earners. Payday Loan enables you to borrow money at low interest rate without paper work or collateral.

Features of payday loan

  • It is a 24/7 service, and does not require you to visit the bank.
  • Application is done conveniently by dialing *901*11*1# on your mobile phone. (For Access Bank Customers).
  • The loan can also be accessed via QuickBucks App, Internet Banking, Mobile App.
  • There is NO documentation being required.
  • No collateral is required.
  • Loan tenor is up to thirty-one (31) days.

Source: Nyscinfo

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