Mixed Reactions Trail NYSC Camp Closure Over Coronavirus

Some Nigerians have commended the Federal Government for closing NYSC Orientation camp, saying such effort had prevented the rapid spread of deadly COVID-19 infection.

At the same time, some Nigerians have kicked against the action, saying NYSC DG shouldn’t have opened the Orientation camp in the first place, instead of opening and closing. They are of the opinion that there might have been infection in camp that prompted NYSC to take such a hasty action.

Meanwhile, NYSC on its social media said “no Corps Member or Camp Official has contracted the virus“. However, there is a report that a female corps member died in Akwa Ibom Orientation camp while she was sleeping.

Below is what Nigerians are saying:

Isah umah said;

It was a necessary decision to prevent the out break of coronavirus in our country, we don’t have to wait for it to get out of hand before we act.

Benedict Nwabuzor said;

The camp shouldn’t have opened in the First place to prevent this unpleasant scenario, now this will have ripple effect on PCM who will come for orientation, suspending the orientation exercise is the best option, let all Corp members proceed to their PPA.

Ezekiel Ipeyemi said;

Initially, the FG shouldn’t have commence the NYSC orientation camp for the new intake. They know that before. But they Opened the camp because : They don’t want to return the allocation given to them, that’s why they opened the camp.

Patrick Sunday said

NYSC shutdown all orientation camps is not actually because fear of coronavirus, is a way of cutting down expenses due to the reduction in the Nigeria GDP which has actually affected the budgets. Thereby finding a way to tell Nigerians the FG had to use the coronavirus to deceived the masses.

Musa Rabiu Yaro Zango said

If there is no any infected corp member or NYSC official, you better manage and finish this orientation course and draw line from it.

We send our children to far places, after scaling through many terrible situations (accident kidnapping etc) and you are now saying you suspend the program and exposing them to above mention situations.

As you know you gathered different people from different states including foreign graduate trainee, the risk of spreading the pandemics disease is now increased.

Compensation has to be paid to the affected corp members to cover up their traveling fares. I wish them the journey mercies. And we ask ALLAH to bring the end of this epidemic.

Zedicus Piro said;

This decision is coming late and foolish. You brought people from different places amidst warnings of Coronavirus, but the DG boosted NYSC is ready to partner with the Federal Ministry of health if there is any outbreak.

Why una the run now? Una no ready again?. The truth about it is that, you have Contributed to spray Coronavirus.

These Corps Members would fall back to their respective PPA…. The tendency of spraying the virus increases. NYSC learn to listen to advise.

Ugwu Jonathan Jnr said;

Very poor idea from the scheme…very poor,this is what happens when greed eats up our system…am sure the scheme pushed for the camping process’ to continue just because of the benefits she will enjoy during camping process’s, amid all medical advice, Nigeria is a far cry from the country lord Frederick Lugard hoped for. Pathetic, Spits!!!

Raphael Ashwe said

After allowing foreign graduates to mix up with Nigerian based graduates, you’re now sending them into the society. What is the plan if it is truly against the Covid-19? To decimate the population? We cannot be party to China’s plot to reduce populations.

There was no need calling the graduates to camp if the intention was to disperse them after a week.

4 thoughts on “Mixed Reactions Trail NYSC Camp Closure Over Coronavirus”

  1. Theresa Jackson

    Please DG 2020 batch A Stream 2 when camp open I think there should do test first at the camp gate before entering so that someone children wouldn’t be affected

  2. Ibrahim mijinyawa

    Just send every pcm directly to their ppa. Let them check their dashboard and know their ppa with out entering the camp

  3. idoko friday surface

    I think the federal government should have ban all travelers, ranging from air,borders, and motor pack,closing Nysc camp has done more good than harm,but the decision came on late,but all the same nice move.pls DG nysc should pls be quick in re opening the camp thank u.

  4. ismaila yusuf enesi

    To me, federal government would have Make provision for nysc to examine them by medically….. before going to camp.. any body tested positively will not eligible to participate in the course

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