Top 10 Most Popular Actors in Nigeria Nollywood

Top 10 Most Popular Actors in Nigeria: The Nigerian movie industry, generally referred to as ‘Nollywood’, is one which is well known for its star stellar crop of actors and actresses who have carved a niche for themselves in the global entertainment arena. Also check out How to become a Nollywood Actor or Actress.

Nollywood is one which has significantly grown, from the days of black and white pictures shown on ancient TV screens, to what it is today, streaming on many digital platforms and amassing great followership on a daily basis.

Though the industry records a huge number of entrants, there are actors and actresses who, by virtue of their ingenuity and hard-work, have stood out and stayed atop the list of most popular actors In Nigeria.

If you are interested in knowing the top ten (10) most popular actors in Nigeria, then you are on the right page. Sit back, while we bring you details of these big names in the Nigerian movie industry.

Top 10 most popular actors in Nigeria

Below is the list of most popular Nollywood actors;

1. John Okafor

John OkaforMany Nigerians may not be familiar with the name John Okafor, but would immediately relate with the title ‘Mr. Ibu’ whenever they or hear a movie soundtrack. Mr. Ibu, as he is popularly identified, is not just an actor but a comedian who has acted series of Nigerian movies which have got his audience rolling with laughter.

2. Yul Edochie

Yul EdochieYul Edochie is one of Nigeria’s prominent figures in the movie industry. He was named after a popular Russian actor, Yul Brynner. Yul Edochie is from Anambra State, the son of Nigerian actor, Pete Edochie, but was raised in both Enugu and Lagos State. In 2017, he declared interest to run for Governor of Anambra State. He picked up the nomination form of a political party know as “Democratic Peoples Congress”. However, he lose the election to Willie Obiano.

3. Nkem Owoh

Nkem OwohYou may not easily recognize the name Nkem Owoh, but you would sure know Osufia, the star character in the popular comic movie, ‘Osufia in London’. Osufia is not just popular, but also very rich and commands attraction from fans of diverse demographics who just can’t help but get entertained by his performances.

4. Desmond Elliot

Desmond ElliotDesmond Elliot is a notable name in Nollywood, one to reckon with at that. He has featured in hundreds of Nollywood Movies and is widely known by Nigerian movie lovers. He in an award-winning actor, director and also a politician serving the Lagos State House of Assembly as a lawmaker.

5. Ramsey Nouah

Ramsey NouahThis Nollywood ‘’Lover Boy” as he is popularly known, is a highly sought after actor, whose roles in romantic scenes have given him much visibility and attracted a lot of fans to his side. He is also a Movie Director, and has starred in several award winning roles since the beginning of his career.

6. Osita Iheme

Osita IhemePopularly known as ‘Paw Paw’ is one of the very popular and comic figures in the Nigerian entertainment scene. He was one of the main characters in the blockbuster movie titled ‘Aki na paw-paw’ which featured Chinedu Ikedieze (aka Aki). Paw-paw is rooted to be one of the most famous actors in Nollywood, and this fame continues even till 2021, as his pictures are being used to create hilarious memes and chat stickers by Nigerians.

7. Chinedu Ikedieze

Chinedu IkediezeAlso known as Aki, this super performer has made it as one of the most famous Nigerian actors, and this is unconnected with his role in the movie ‘Aki na paw-paw’ which stars his friend and fellow Nollywood actor, Osita Iheme (aka paw-paw). Chinedu has excelled in his acting career and has earned several awards including the Lifetime Achievement Award which he was honoured with at the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA).

8. Mike Ezuruonye

Mike EzuruonyeMike is a multi-talented Nigerian actor from Uzoakoli village in Abia State. He started his career in Banking and Finance, before switching to acting where he is doing incredibly well. He has received several nominations and awards, including the City People Movie Award for being the Best Actor of the Year (English) in 2014.

9. Jim Iyke

Jim IykeJim Iyke is definitely not a new kid in the block when it comes to Nigerian entertainment. Having amassed numerous awards and endorsements to his name, Jim has proved that hardwork, consistency and dedication are prerequisite for success in all endeavours. He has indeed made a name out of movie acting in Nigeria and beyond, and is cashing out big time from endorsement deals and other personal business ventures.

10. Richard Mofe Damijo

Richard Mofe DamijoMany call him RMD but do not know what the full meaning is, if you belong to this category of persons, then this post has answered your question. RMD is not just a regular actor, but a multi-talented figure who has become a household name in family entertainment. He has acted in so many movies which include his latest feature in ‘Namaste Wahala’, a Nollywood/Bollywood collaboration where he played a significant role. He is not just an Actor, but a Writer, Politician, Fashionista and a father figure.

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