Mummy G.O List of People Who will go to Hell Fire

Nigerians have never run out of hilarious contents to entertain themselves despite the economic challenges the country is facing. The latest trending content is the Mummy G O list of people who will go to hell fire.

List of people that will go to hell by Mummy G O

According to the list sighted by, the following categories of people are candidates of helI:

1) Those who wear jeans,

2) Girls who use belt,

3) Couple who are not committed strictly to the missionary position in the bedroom,

4) Men who barber moromoro style,

5) Men who wear tops with side slits,

6) Those who dance break-dance,

7) Tonto Dikeh and all her fans,

8) Rihanna and all her fans,

9) Women who braid or weave their hair,

10) Women who wear wigs,

11) Those who speak with an accent (e.g Oral English),

12) Women who wear trousers,

13) Women who wear jewelry,

14) All footballers and their fans,

15) All comedians,

16) All cartoonists,

17) Those who watch Disney channel

18) Lady Gaga and her fans,

19) Graphic artists and textile designers who use the Star symbol in their designs and the people who wear them,

20) Those who use iPhone,

21) Those who put zips in their dresses,

22) Olamide and his fans,

23) Women who use makeup,

24) All fornicators,

25) Those with Tattoos,

26) All those on Facebook,

27) Anyone that uses anything that glitters,

28) Those who use perfume. You will smell nice in HeIl,

29) Tiwa Savage and her fans

30) Those who wear color black.

31). Those who have Master Card (ATM).

**But what if Mummy G O is right? Remember the days of Noah, they all laughed at him. They said he was stupid until they saw it but then it was too late.Mummy G O List of hell candidates

Note: The list is still being compiled and you can repent before it is too late. Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section below. Please, share to save others.

Source: Nyscinfo

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